Professional Review: MSG to PDF Converter Software to Export Batch MSG Files to PDF

MSG to PDF Wizard is wonderful app for converting MSG to PDF files error-free and with accurate information. It is a professional software to convert MSG to PDF without MS Outlook. Moreover, the tool not limited to the MSG file migration but also facilitates to convert MSG to PDF with attachments.

What if don’t have MS Outlook installed and multiple MSG files are saved within your system? What if someone steal all your confidential MSG file which is not protected completely? This will bring your entire organization communication to a halt. And at first when you think about file security, the first thing came into your mind is PDF file.

Today we’ll have a look at BitRecover MSG to PDF Wizard and we will see further how to save MSG to PDF successfully.


MSG to PDF Wizard is strong and powerful tool to convert MSG to PDF Acrobat. The tool effectively convert MSG to PDF with attachments, emails, contacts, journals, calendars, notes, tasks, drafts and etc. to secure and reliable PDF format.


If you are familiar with different app for converting MSG to PDF files, you will see that MSG to Adobe PDF Conversion Software is a perfect and absolute third-party solution that has all the features you require to convert a MSG to PDF. Moreover, with the help of this application, you can convert large sized MSG files in PDF Adobe format.

Important aspects of MSG to PDF Software

Perform batch print MSG to PDF document

MSG to PDF Software aka MSG to PDF Batch Converter is capable to convert multiple MSG file to PDF in a single attempt with accurate and absolute content. By clicking on “Select Folder” option, the tool allow to convert the entire MSG email folder in PDF format.

Offers multiple file naming options

The tool allow batch convert MSG files into PDF. By default, the application save the resultant MSG file with exact file name, but other file naming options are provided by the utility to convert a MSG to PDF accordingly such as date+from+subject, date+date, subject+date, date+subject+from, and etc.

Maintains message formatting and metadata properties

During the conversion of MSG to PDF, no single modification will be done to the rich text formatting and other content properties of MSG email file by the tool. The tool retains the original formatting of MSG data, preserve images, hyperlink, font-family, colour, background and etc. during MSG conversion. Also, preserve the properties of metadata like subject, from, Bcc, name and etc.

Keep every MSG file in a single PDF format

Each PDF format will be created for each MSG file. Moreover, the tool guarantees that no MSG file will be damaged or overwritten throughout the process. For example, if you have 20 MSG files, then the tool will generate 20 PDF files with entire content.

Allow to read PDF file on any Adobe version

MSG to PDF Wizard supports all versions of Adobe Acrobat or Reader. If someone has converted MSG to PDF and using 9.0 version of Adobe, then the user can easily open PDF file in that version of Adobe. You can read PDF file on any version of Adobe ranging from earlier version to the latest.
Supports all earlier and latest editions of MS Outlook

Undoubtedly, you can use any MS Outlook edition MSG file as the tool supports all editions of Microsoft Outlook from 2000 to 2016. Moreover, MS Outlook of 32 bit and 64 bit are supported by MSG to PDF Wizard. And thus, it is not impossible to convert both ANSI MSG to PDF and UNICODE MSG to PDF using the application.

Convert MSG to PDF with attachments

MSG to PDF Wizard not only convert the content of MSG email file, but the tool also enables to convert MSG to PDF with attachments. You can easily save Outlook MSG attachment “embedded within PST file” or you can save them in a “different folder” according to the requirements.

Black and White Mode option to import MSG to PDF

Apart from other options, the tool also offer “Black and White Mode” option to convert a MSG to PDF in black and white colour. You can check this option when you want your PDF file in black and white colour.
Runs on all Windows OS versions

The remarkable feature of MSG to PDF Wizard is that it is proficient with all version of Windows operating system, not limited to a single version. From previous versions to the newly launched, all versions of Windows OS are supported by MSG to PDF Wizard.

Try Demo Version

MSG to PDF Wizard offers trial version for free evaluation and analysis. It allow to check the functionality and working procedure of the application. Includes similar features but with limited functionality. To enjoy unlimited benefits of MSG to PDF Wizard you need to purchase license edition. Moreover, only 25 files can be converted to PDF in the demo edition. To convert unlimited MSG file, the license edition is required.
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