Windows Live Mail to Outlook 64 bit conversion – manually or with third party tool

Windows Live Mail

It is email client, feed reader, news client, electronic calendar. It is developed by Microsoft. It is compatible with windows 7 and later versions. The user can download the application via Windows Essential suite. Windows (Live) Mail supports EML file format. Support for access data from all Web-based email profile including Gmail, Zoho Mail, Yahoo! Mail Plus.

Microsoft Outlook

It is personal information manages used as email application by many users. It includes many features like task manager, web browsing, contact manager etc. It supports PST file format. Many versions are released till date. It can be used by multiple users in the organization. It includes contact manager, calendar, note taking, task manager, journal, and web browsing.

Windows Live Mail to Outlook converter

Windows Live Mail to Outlook converter converts windows live mail mails into outlook format. This converter is provided by Birdie software. It easily converts the mails without damaging the files.

Windows Live Mail to Outlook 64 bit Manual Conversion

Steps of manually converting the Live Mail to Outlook

1.Open Windows Live Mail
2.Go to file menu, select Export mail and then Email messages]
select Export mail
3.Select Microsoft Exchange and click Next
Select Microsoft Exchange
4.A message will be pop up “All mails will be exported to MS Outlook or Microsoft Exchange”
5.Click Ok
6.Select folder that you want to be converted
7.Select and click OK
8.Click Finish
Reference link for Windows Live Mail to Outlook 64 bit Manual conversion:


  1. While converting manually user need to convert the each folder of mail manually and the task will become hectic for the user.
  2. It is also time consuming process.
  3. While conversion process the data can be loss.
  4. This task can only be done when both the application is available in the same machine.

To overcome with this problem birdie software introduce Windows Live Mail to Outlook 64 bit converter ( This converter can easily convert all the files without any data loss in just a few seconds. The files are maintained throughout whole conversion process. Large number of files can be converted at a time. It also maintains the folder structure.

Steps of converting Live Mail to Outlook
1.Open the software
2.Select the folder that you want to convert
3.Select the location where you want to save the converted folder
4.Click on convert
5.Conversion of files completed
Software support all Microsoft Outlook 64 and 32 bit versions (Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010). After conversion you can also import converter PST file into Exchange Server using Cmdlet – New-MailboxImportRequest –Mailbox Johan –FilePath \ mymachine \ PST-Files \ Johan.pst
To download the demo version go to

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