NSF Split-Product Review

NSF Split: Expert’s Choice for Dissevering NSF Files

Working with Lotus Notes from a long time, leads to large size of Lotus Notes database. This large sized Notes database tends to create many issues, chances of corruption the biggest one. In addition, large NSF files often lead to slow processing of Lotus Notes. Since all the issues are due to the large size of database, managing it is very necessary.
Splitting NSF files is the most convenient method for doing so. Since there exists no manual technique for splitting NSF files, commercial utilities have been developed for performing this task. NSF Split is one such commercial software that is recommended by experts. In this review, we have summed up the various features and details of the software in order to give the users an exact overview.

Features at a Glance

SecuraSoft Software

Splits Lotus Notes NSF Files

Current version

6.67 MB

Graphical User Interface

Lotus Notes installation required

Windows version supported
8.1 and below versions


Download & Installation
NSF Split is designed with the aim of splitting Lotus Notes NSF file into multiple NSF files. It supports splitting of both names.nsf and username.nsf file. The software can be easily purchased form the official website. The software gets installed in a matter of minutes and there is no need to reboot the system after the installation.

Prominent Features Of NSF Split

NSF Split software splits NSF file into multiple NSF files without compromising with the data integrity of the NSF file. Some of the prominent features of the software are:

  • Dissever NSF file according to size, year, date & folder.
  • All Documents feature saves copy of emails in All Documents folder.
  • Lotus Notes installation necessary for splitting NSF file.
  • Splits password protected Notes NSF files easily.
  • Supports Lotus Notes 9.0 and below versions.
  • Test Run On NSF Split

    The NSF split software easily splits Lotus Notes NSF file according to different parameters like size, year, date and size. According to our observation, the software ran very smoothly and finished the splitting process in a very short time.

    The working steps of the software are:

    1)Add NSF File
    The first step is the addition of NSF file for splitting. For this, the user needs to select the Split option present on the top of the home page of the software.
    Add NSF File

    2)Split By Size
    The user can split the NSF file on the basis of its size. The user gets the option of splitting the file in any size either in MB or in GB. When selected, it splits the NSF file into multiple NSF files of the same size.
    Split By Size
    The user can select the size of the resultant NSF files in MB or GB.
    size of the resultant NSF files
    3)Split By Date
    Split By Date option splits the NSF file according to dates. Once this option is selected, the software will create two NSF files. The first NSF file will contain the data residing before the mentioned date. The second NSF file will contain the data residing after the selected data including the data of the selected date.
    Split By Date
    The user can select the date from the calendar option provided in the software and split the NSF file.
    select the date from the calendar option
    4)Split By Year
    The Split By Year option will split the NSF file according to year parameter. The software will create a different NSF file for all the mentioned years.
    Split By Year
    In the Select Year section, select the year range. Different NSF files will be created for each year that lies in the range.
    Select Year section
    5)Split By Folder
    The Split By Folder option splits the NSF files on the basis of the Lotus Notes account folders. For instance, if there are 3 folders in NSF file, different NSF files will be created for each folder.
    Split By Folder
    This option is accompanied with one more parameter for splitting. In case your folder size is very high, you can split the folders according to their size by selecting the size above than 30MB.
    split the folders
    6)All Documents Feature
    The All Documents feature is available for all the options for splitting. This feature when enabled, saves a copy of the entire NSF file data without any splitting in the All Documents folder. The user can select this option for saving a copy of the NSF file.
    all the options for splitting

    Get The Trial Version

    Before going for the license version of the software, it is recommended to download its Trial Version. This will enable the users to get acquainted with the working of the software and will make it easier for the users to invest in it. The trial version is available free of cost and can be downloaded from the software’s official website.

  • Multiple parameters for splitting NSF file.
  • All Documents feature to create a backup copy.
  • Intuitive interface makes it easier for the naïve users.
  • Cons

  • No preview of the NSF files before splitting.
  • Co support to split corrupt Notes NSF file.
  • The Verdict

    NSF Split is the one of the most comprehensive solution that I have come across. It is embedded with all the features that are necessary in a file management software. Its user-friendly interface enables even non-techie users to run the software flawlessly. Based on its overall performance and features, we will rate the software as 9.7/10.

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    NSF Split-Product Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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