NSF Merge-Product Review

NSF Merge-Product Review

NSF Merge

Lotus Notes, as we all know, stores its data in Notes Storage Format (NSF) files. For every Notes account, there exist two NSF files- username.nsf and names.nsf files. Many a times, it happens that while upgrading to a new version of Lotus Notes the user might want to merge the old NSF file with the newly created NSF file. In addition to this, the users can import contacts in Notes account by merging the names.nsf file containing contacts and then merging it with the present names.nsf file.

Since manual methods are not reliable, commercial tools are mostly deployed. One such tool is NSF Merge. The tool is designed with the aim of merging multiple NSF files in a single NSF file. The software merges all the NSF files into a single NSF file without compromising with the original formatting of the file.

In order to give an idea about the complete working of the tool, we have done a test run on the software. In this review, we will help the users in being acquainted with the working and all the major features of the tool.

Highlighting Features of NSF Merge

  • Dual mode for merging the multiple NSF files.
  • Remove duplicate items from being merged.
  • Supports merging of entire NSF file items.
  • Exclude deleted items from getting consolidated.
  • Provision to change custom name of output NSF.
  • Lotus Notes 9.0 and below versions are supported.

Working of NSF Merge

In this section, we will show the complete working of NSF Merge. The software mainly offers two options for merging the NSF Files- Join & Merge. Whilst the Join option joins all the NSF files and saves them in a parent NSF file, the Merge option merges the similar folders of the NSF files and save them in a single NSF file.

For getting more clarity on this, go through the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Click on Add File option to add the NSF files individually. In case all the NSF files are stored in a single folder, the complete folder can be added by selecting Add Folder option.

NSF Merge

Step 2: The software offers two options to merge the NSF files- Join and Merge

  • Join NSF

Click on Join option.

Join NSF

In case, you want to exclude the deleted items from being joined in the resultant NSF file, select the Exclude Deleted Items folder.

Exclude Deleted Items

Note: The option Remove Duplicates does not apply to the Join option.

  • To Merge NSF Files

Click on Merge option to merge the NSF files.

To Merge NSF Files

In case you want to remove the duplicate item from being merged, select the Remove Duplicates option. In addition to this, deleted items can be excluded from being merged by selecting Exclude Deleted Items option.

Remove Duplicates

Step 4: Select the location to save the output NSF file.

Step 5: Click on Merge NSF Files/Join NSF Files option to start the process.

Step 6: As soon as you click on the Merge NSF Files or Join NSF Files option, an IBM Notes pop-up will appear. Enter the password for accessing Lotus Notes ID file and click on Ok.

merged NSF file in Lotus Notes

Once the above process is done, view the merged NSF file in Lotus Notes.

Note: In order to merge the Address books, the names.nsf file need to be added separately. The files cannot be merged along with the username.nsf files.

Variant Editions of NSF Merge

  • Demo Version

The demo version can be availed free of cost from the official website. The demo version puts some limitation on the number of items that can be merged/joined. The software will Join only first 2 folders of the input files and will Merge first 15 items from each folder of the input files.

  • License Version

The license version of NSF Merge can be purchased from the official website at an amount of $169. It puts no restrictions and merges all the items in the NSF file.




  • Facilitates removal of duplicate items from being merged/joined.
  • Allows excluding deleted items from being merged.
  • Dual options for merging multiple NSF files.


  • Generates no preview of NSF files before merging all the files.
  • No support for merging Lotus Notes address book and mailbox together

The Verdict

NSF Merge, no doubt, is an effectual utility that comes from trusted sources. Even though it does not extends support for merging Lotus Notes Address book and mailbox at the same time, it efficiently merges the items separately. On account of the complete working of the tool and the aspect in which the software can be upgraded, we would like to rate it as 9.5/10.

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