IncrediMail Data Transfer to Outlook – Know How to perform Undisputed Migration

Incredimail is an email client which is distributed by Perion network and the main advantage of IncrediMail is that it focuses more on multimedia features such as 3D effects, animations, mail notifiers, emotions, E-cards, letters, etc. IncrediMail is free to download and using IncrediMail is easy to understand as the developers have made IncrediMail way too easy. IncrediMail is used mostly by home users as business users does not require these multimedia options.

This post will focus on how to transfer IncrediMail data to MS Outlook. You will get to see in depth review of IncrediMail and the process which is required to transfer IncrediMail data to Outlook.

First, let us talk about IncrediMail:

if a user wants to know the location of their IncrediMail data then there is only way and that is by going to store directory of IncrediMail, given below are steps from which you can locate your files:

  1. Open your IncrediMail
  2. Click on the tools>> then options>> select general tab>> and select data folder settings
  3. User will see the location: C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\IM
  4. Paste the location in your windows search browser and you will see all the folders of your IncrediMail data

User must know about the mailbox of IncrediMail, below all the details about IncrediMail 2.5 mailbox is explained:

When the user visits the store location of IncrediMail, there user will see an Identities folder. If the user is having three accounts configured in IncrediMail, then the user will see three folders (long string) present inside the Identities folder.


when the user will double click on Identities folder, user will many folders, but the most important folders are: Message Store and Address Book. In the AddressBook folder, user will see two types of files with one file having extension ‘.db3’ and other file having extension ‘.db3.bak’.

AddrBook.db3 file would contain all the contacts which would be present in your IncrediMail. There is a different AddrBook.db3 for every account which is configured in your IncrediMail. AddressBook is the folder which will consist all your contacts. Now, the other file having the name AddrBook.db3.bak means that it is the backup file of your AddrBook.db3 file and is created by default.

Message Store

After Address Book folder, user will see Message Store folder like attachments and Messages. Attachments folder will contain all attachments. In messages folder, it will have folders depending on the number of accounts you have configured in your IncrediMail. For example, if you have configured one IncrediMail account and other account such as Gmail, then the folder ‘1’ would be for IncrediMail account and folder ‘2’ would be for Gmail account.

Open Messages>>1>> (long string)>>msg.iml – follow this step and you will locate .iml files in the mailbox.
Open Messages

IML files are same as EML files, they are saved as single files and every single mail is saved in a different string. In the message folder, user will easily see a ‘messagestore.db’ file is simply a database file. IncrediMail uses SQLite3 which saves and manages data.

Now, let us see details of IncrediMail 2.0 mailbox:

Message Store

when you will open Message Store, user will see many items like containers.db, sent items.imm, inbox items.imm, deleted items.imm, etc.
Message Store

Containers.db is same as Message store.db and the difference between the mailbox of IncrediMail 2.5 & IncrediMail 2.0 is that when the user goes to the messages by going to this location: Open Messages>>1>> (long string)>> user will see inbox items.imm, sent items.imm and deleted items.imm. User will see no separate folder in IncrediMail 2.0 and every file is saved in the mailbox format which is present in IMM format.

The above was the whole review about mailboxes of IncrediMail 2.0 & IncrediMail 2.5. Now, what if the user is having problem with their IncrediMail and now want to transfer their IncrediMail data into some other email client. Choosing an email client is also a very difficult task and such an email client is MS Outlook.

MS Outlook- why it is better than IncrediMail?

MS Outlook is popular and better than IncrediMail because Outlook can work brilliantly with Exchange Server which means user now does not have to connect, they just have to open Outlook, enter their email address and other details. Using of Exchange Server makes the users switch their computers easily. MS Outlook provides integrated address book, sticky notes, calendar, etc. MS Outlook is famous for its tight security, it blocks junk filtering, also filters external content like images, web bugs and malicious data from the websites.

Read More

Now user should look for a third party tool which would allow IncrediMail data transfer to Outlook. The converter will allow to transfer all IncrediMail files and these resultant files can be viewed easily in both versions of MS Outlook 32 & 64 bit. The formatting also remains in the same way like it was before the conversion process. There is no problem in transferring attachments also. The tool also auto detects every IncrediMail file. The converter also works with every windows operating system like Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP. Read More >>

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