How to Perform MDaemon Migration to New Server like Exchange Server?

Introducing MDaemon Mail Server

MDaemon Mail Server is a Windows-based messaging and groupware server developed by Alt-N Technologies. MDaemon comes with the features of built-in spam filter along with Heuristic and Bayesian analysis, TLS and SSL encryption, support public & shared folder, mailing lists, web-based email client (WorldClient), support for groupware data sharing (calendar, contacts, journals, tasks, notes, etc.), over-the-air management of mobile devices via ActiveSync, CalDAV, BlackBerry Internet Service, and an optional (BES) BlackBerry Enterprise Server plug-in.

MDaemon File Structure

MDaemon’s main configuration files are kept in MDaemon/App directory; mail and other data are kept in a flat-file structure in MDaemon/Users directory. When you Open MDaemon/users directory you will find all the configured Identities. MDaemon creates .IMAP folder for a particular category e.g. Calendar.IMAP, Contacts.IMAP, Deleted Items.IMAP. Each .IMAP folder contains .mrk file which keeps data for a particular type like Calendar.IMAP contains Calendar.mrk, Notes.IMAP contains Notes.mrk file.
Inbox files are saved in flat-file structure in MDaemon/Users/configure profile directory in a form .msg format. Sent mails are saved in Sent Items.IMAP, but in the form of .msg files. MDaemon saves its mails and messages in MSG format.
MDaemon File Structure

How WorldClient works with MDaemon?

WorldClient offers complete web mail facilities to help users to stay in touch at your office, business, from home, web café, from a customer’s location. WorldClient comes free with every edition of MDaemon Mai Server for Windows. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It receives and send messages, data from any Internet-connected machines with a recent web browser like Firefox Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, chrome, Safari.

How can get data from crashed MDaemon application

What you are going to do when your MDaemon application get crashed or corrupt due to some reasons and you want to read and view data from MDaemon? For some reasons if your MDaemon application get stopped, crashed and corrupt then you can go with any free tool to view and read MDaemon data like Free MDaemon Viewer tool which easily available on online. For more read this:
get data from crashed MDaemon application

MDaemon Migration to New Server

As we already discussed that MDaemon save its data in .MRK files so you can open data of MDaemon to any other server like Exchange Server. You can use Outlook Connector for MDaemon to access your MDaemon data with Outlook.
Outlook Connector for MDaemon offers groupware, sharing and collaboration competences for MS Outlook users. Outlook Connector includes multiple folder sharing with custom access levels, an out-of-office autoresponder, groupware collaboration support and multilingual support. But Outlook Connector has some drawback like if you delete data from MDaemon application then data from Outlook will automatically disappear. And also there is no direct way to import MDaemon data in MS Outlook Exchange Server.
So you have to go with paid utility for accurate and such large migration. For Such large migration go with MDaemon Migrator tool that helps you to migrate all data from MDaemon Mail Server to New Server like Microsoft Exchange Server and Zimbra Web Client.

Here I am going to suggest this MDaemon Migration tool ( for all in one MDaemon Data Migration. It allows all data migration like Mails (inbox, sent items, outbox, draft, deleted items, etc.), Address Book, Notes, Calendars, journals, etc. to MS Outlook Exchange Server.

Note – This is just a recommendation, use its trial version then go with its pro version.

Exchange Server support to import PST file and so use this utility to migrate your MDaemon data to PST format. This program will offer two options to save MDaemon data, first save MDaemon Data in New PST file or save all MDaemon in default PST file.

If you choose first option “Save Data new PST file” then software also provide option to save converted files in single PST file. If you choose “Create single PST for individual folder” then software will create individual PST for individual folder.

After Converting MDaemon data in PST format further you easily import converted PST files in Microsoft Exchange Server with 100% data accuracy using appropriate Cmdlet – New-MailboxImportRequest –Mailbox Johan –FilePath \ mymachine \ PST-Files \ Johan.pst
Converting MDaemon data in PST

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