Review Of Minitool Partition Wizard 9.0 Free Editon

With the development of the computer age, now, society is more than just a simple operation of computer ,we need to konw more contents about the disk management.The windows users often need to manage disks and partitions. such as Move/Resize Partition, Extend Partition,Split Partition ,Align Partition, Wipe Partition, Explore Partition, Convert NTFS to FAT 32, Set Partition as Primary ,Set Partition as Logical Copy Partition Wizard ,Partition Recovery Wizard, Migrate OS to SSD/HD and Windows Storage Spaces

Perfectly running under commonly seen Windows PC operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, the toolkit enables home users to perform needed operations within a few simple mouse-clicks,Partition Wizard has a simple, clean interface. Your disks and partitions are shows in the right pane, there’s a sidebar with quick-action operations, which change based on the disk/partition type, plus wizards to help you through the tasks, The contents of the taskbar change contextually.

1. Interface

The interface above is the main interface of the partition management freeware split into several parts: the top menu, Toolbar displaying some commonly utilized features, left Action Panel containing “Wizards” and “Operations”, right disk mapping where detailed information about disk and partition is listed out and legend bar at the bottom
Minitool Partition Wizard 9.0 Free Editon

2. Create Partition

If you need to create partitions, you can use this function about MiniTool partition wizard, Create Partition enables users to create new volume with specified unallocated space
Minitool Partition Wizard 9.0 Free Editon Create Partition

3. Format partition

By making use of this feature, you can clear partition data and then reconfigure parameters for the specified partition so as to meet actual demands. Attention: Formatting will destroy all data in the target partition. If the system partition or start partition is formatted, the current OS will fail to boot properly.
Minitool Partition Wizard 9.0 Free Editon Format partition

4. Convert FAT to NTFS

Some windows users would like to achieve the purpose of handling large files (over 4GB) by converting FAT to NTFS. Some users may want to convert it just because FAT is too old to satisfy their taste. Others may want to complete the conversion for better stability, higher security and lesser defragmentation time. But it is a pity that most of the users don’t have a clear idea of how to convert FAT to NTFS
Minitool Partition Wizard 9.0 Free Editon Convert FAT to NTFS

5. Split Partition

From the main interface of the server partitioning software, select the partition you want to split, and then click “Split Partition” from “Operations” column or click “Split” from drop-down list of “Partition” menu
Minitool Partition Wizard 9.0 Free Editon Split Partition

6. Migrate OS to SSD/HD

computer hard drive is not only the medium to store and exchange data, it also provides an entertainment way. Users can download good music tracks and movies to the hard drive so as to listen to or watch them whenever they want. As size of files stored on hard drive is increasing, the running speed and responding speed of computer will be greatly affected. Meanwhile, the appearance of SSD offers users a wonderful experience in speed. So to replace the old hard drive with a new SSD or HD becomes the first choice of many users to improve computer performance and speed.
Minitool Partition Wizard 9.0 Free Editon Migrate OS to SSD-HD

7. Windows Storage Spaces

Storage spaces are virtual drives that appear in File Explorer and can be used like any other drive. It allows users to organize multiple physical disks into Storage Pools, which can be easily expanded by simply adding disks. These disks can be connected either through USB, SATA, or SAS. A storage pool can be composed of heterogeneous physical disks – different sized physical disks are accessible via different storage interconnects. It brings the safety of RAID to the desktop, creates an expanding space to store files, and provides these features at lower cost than other hardware option
Minitool Partition Wizard 9.0 Free Editon Windows Storage Spaces

8. Convert MBR Disk to GPT Disk

Why do we need to convert MBR disk to GPT disk? What are the benefits of doing so? MBR disk and GPT disk are two kinds of disks which are very different from each other. They are made out of different partitioning ways. Therefore, many different features can be found between them.

Minitool Partition Wizard 9.0 Free Editon Convert MBR Disk to GPT Disk

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OS: Windows 8, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP, windows 2000 Vista

License: Freeware

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