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There are many reasons that surveying and polling are important to a career or to a function. Businesses poll their current and potential customers or clients as a way to better understand their needs and wants. They can also gain valuable feedback on the products and services already being offered.

For students, taking and making surveys can be a way to ensure that they get the accurate information that they need in data collection and research. For these reasons, and many more, software options should be fully understood to make this process more easily accomplished while still retaining accuracy. If you are looking for a great software option, Survey Force Deluxe by Joomla is a software package that you should consider. The following explains more about this feature packed program.

Types of Questions

With Survey Force Deluxe you have several different survey options, among them is the Likert Scale. This scale is often utilized for discussions and research in academia and can serve as a great tool for those in the academic fields looking to create solid data. There are also pick one options, pick many, or even essay questions in the form of short answer. These can serve many different uses and that is why Survey Force Deluxe is a top choice for many professional areas.

Those survey questions with scaling options allow you to pick the scale and you can author all of the survey questions from the front end. Further, for ease of filling out, there are jump to and if the answer is options that will have your participants filling out the surveys with more user friendliness. This will reflect well on both you and your business or you and your project, whatever the case may be.


You will also find that you have options in creating your surveys. These include things beyond just the questions themselves to the actual formatting of the presentation of the questions as well. With Survey Force Deluxe, you get the control you want and the options you need because you can actually pick how many questions per page that you would like.

If you want a singular question, that is possible. If more questions are what you are seeking you can do that, too. You can also tell your users if they must answer the question or if it as an optional one. This makes it easy to navigate as well as get the results that you want to know.

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