Smartpixel Game Capture Software Review

Review of Smartpixel game capture software: The best game capture software for PC games

Developer: Smartpixel

As a LOL player, I always looking for game capture software for my LOL gameplay videos which need to easy to use as well as affordable. Here I’d like to introduce game players how to use Smartpixel software for LOL game play video capturing.

After logged in Smartpixel software and my LOL account, there are options for use to select with. Please check the photo below:


For game capture, I can click screen/game capture button, there’s a floating window at the bottom right corner of the screen.

game capture

In this window, there are certain buttons we should know for game capturing. Move the mouse cursor on buttons there’s text description on its functions. Here I simply introduce the buttons I need for LOL game video capture. Smartpixel software offer full screen capture and area screen capture mode as well as PIP mode(Which allows player online comment via webcam during game screen capture). If I selected area mode, then will will be four red coordinates on the screen for screen capture area adjustment. After the screen area adjustment is done, press refresh button on the top right corner of the floating window then we will see the game screen captured on the Camera window.

To start my game capture, there’s one more step to be done. Click the settings button at the right bottom corner of the Camera window I can adjust the game recording resolutions and fps rate.

game recording resolutions

Here I select 720P resolution and 30 fps, as for ther settings I will explain the next time. Once the setting is done, come back game play screen and minimize the Camera window. Now Press F11 to start LOL game play video capturing.

video capturing

When the game play part recorded, press F12 to end and save the game play videos. It will be saved on C:/Smartpixel/record/video by default. Find it and doubt click it to play on the media player, by the way, the game play video will be saved as FLV format, which means the video clips can be upload to YouTube immediately once it is done. Although the quality only limited to 720P, the video recorded quite fluently. The whole game video recording process is quite easy, if I need the recorded game play video clips more fancy, I can switch to Smartpixel Producer to edit the video clips by add music, photo, subtitle, effects, then upload to Youtube or other video sharing sites.

Download Smartpixel game capture software Full Version

  1. Download Smartpixel Full Version Here:
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Smartpixel Game Capture Software Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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