SamLogic Visual Installer Download & Review – Easy to create installation packages with this setup tool

SamLogic Visual Installer

Developer: SamLogic Company Website

Installation of a Windows application is nowadays a very simple process for an end-user. A user-friendly setup wizard will guide the user trough the installation, and normally the user only needs to confirm the information that is shown in the setup dialog boxes during the installation process.

But creating an installer can often be more complicated. All necessary files must be included in the installation project, and proper options must be set. Otherwise the installation can fail in some computers.

There exist two types of setup tools on the market: those who require programming with a scripting language and those who not require it. SamLogic Visual Installer is a setup tool that does not require any programming. The tool can perform the most tasks that are expected by a setup tool for Windows, and you don’t need to write a single line of script!

The user interface of Visual Installer contains 6 main tabs. Every tab is used to perform a specific task. For example in the “File list” tab you add files and choose destination folders, in the “Design” tab you add graphics to your installer, and in the “Dialog boxes” tab you choose which setup dialog boxes to use during an installation. You can also specify texts and choose images for the setup dialog boxes in this tab.

The application’s user interface has a traditional menu and toolbar in the top. Via these menus and toolbar buttons you have an easy access to all functions in the tool.

The installation packages that you create with Visual Installer can be distributed via CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, and via download sites on the Internet. The installation packages can also be code signed, which prevents that anybody changes the contents of the installation package after creation.

If you are a Visual Basic programmer you will find the import functions in Visual Installer very useful. Visual Installer can import both older VB6 projects and newer VB.NET projects. Visual Installer will automatically detect which files that must be included in the setup package. Visual Installer can also handle Add-ins, created with VBA, for Microsoft Excel.

Visual Installer is a Windows software and can be run on Windows 2000 and later, including Windows 8. Created installation packages can be run on any Windows edition from Windows 98 up to Windows 8.

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Download SamLogic Visual Installer Free Trial and Full Version From Avangate

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SamLogic Visual Installer Download & Review - Easy to create installation packages with this setup tool, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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