Review on “50 Healthy Raw Desserts” Volume 1 and Volume 2

Publisher: Carolyn Hansen

50 Healthy Raw Desserts Volume 1 50 Healthy Raw Desserts Volume 2

Whether you eat your dessert right after dinner or whether you choose to wait a while, dinner just isn’t complete without the final sensual touch of a mouth-watering dessert.
If dessert is your favorite part of the meal like it is mine but you’d love to find a way to ease your guilt, you are going to love this new 2 volume e-book series “50 Healthy Raw Desserts” volume 1 and volume 2.

Written by famed author, professional fitness specialist and champion body builder Carolyn Hansen, this two volume e-book set is a treasure chest of delicious raw dessert, snack and treat recipes that are packed with nutrition but require no cooking or baking.

If you never thought dessert could be healthy and tasty, you’re in for a grand surprise.

These recipes use only fresh whole ingredients and are sugar, wheat and gluten free, appealing to those with health, weight and fitness in mind. However, they are focused on nutrition and taste, so the whole family will love them. You’ll gain full nutritional value of each ingredient used and less fat with each bite, and the best part is you’ll never have to entertain “guilt” for eating or serving dessert again.

After a short introduction on nutrition and what raw foods can do for your health and well-being, both cookbooks jump right into tantalizing recipes, each presented with a detailed photo that immediately gets your taste buds excited. I couldn’t stop viewing the pictures and scrolled through the whole book to satisfy my urge to see them all before I started, they all looked so good!

Isn’t that what a good recipe book should do? Tease your senses and get you excited about eating it before you start?

This is just a sampling of what you’ll be treated to:

This e-book series of cookbooks passes my easy to use cookbook test:

  1. A short introduction, just enough to educate you
  2. Easy to find recipes, they are alphabetized (just in case you are looking for a favorite)
  3. Each recipe is easy to read, follow and understand with consistent measurements and details
  4. Accompanying colorful photos depicting the end/finished product (there’s nothing like a photo to reference)

Since no cooking is required these are great recipes to get the whole family involved with. They are safe and simple to create, and children get so excited when eating their own creations!

After trying just a few of these raw dessert recipes on my own friends with rave reviews, I am convinced that you can have “your cake and eat it too!”

The short, concise education on nutrition and raw foods as well as the tantalizing, “no guilt” recipes with colorful photos is well worth the purchase price and one purchase you’ll use over and over.

If you are looking for a great variety of dessert recipes packed with hidden nutrition that your family will love, I can highly recommend this two e-book series. You’ll receive not just one e-book with 50 recipes, but two, totaling 100 healthy raw dessert, snack and treat recipes.

To “sweeten” this deal and make it even more valuable, Carolyn has included two awesome bonuses with the purchase of this product:

Bonus 1:

Best Healthiest Breads Ever!

Best Healthiest Breads Ever!” another Carolyn Hansen health conscious recipe book covering 50 “Living” Bread and Cracker Recipes all made from raw living foods. Included in this bonus are a variety of recipes for Essene bread which is made from 100% sprouted grain. There’s even a No Gluten grain recipe for those in need. For those looking for wheat replacement recipes, buckwheat and flaxseed breads area also covered. Each recipe has an accompanying colorful photo attached.

Bonus 2:

The White Chocolate Gogi Fudge Recipe That Started It All

This is the recipe that launched Carolyn onto her mission of creating and enjoying delicious raw desserts packed full of nutrition and taste…without the guilt. Guilt free Gogi fudge, for true fudge lovers everywhere!

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