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Epubor company has firstly developed the latest version of ePUB to PDF Converter.

ePub to PDF Converter

Plenty of ePUB to Converter tools gathered on market, most of them are the imperfect ones which only can convert the DRM-free ePUB books, however have no way to deal with eBooks purchased from Sony store, Kobo store and other diverse merchants cause of the paid eBooks are protected by Adobe DRM technology, the DRM is short of Digital Rights Management, which restrict you to convert or eidt their program such as no copying, no moving, no pasting, no editing etc. So, it is impossible to share them with your family and friends. If your relative also like owning the eBook you offered, they need to spend money to buy them again. Don’t you think it is a good method to save money for us?

In order to resolve this horrible problem, The awesome and unique Epubor company has firstly developed the latest version of ePUB to PDF conversion tools which can directly remove Adobe DRM from ePUB books wherever you purchased from like Kobo, Sony, Nook, etc.

remove Adobe DRM from ePUB books

Based the upper tutorials, we know that using Epubor ePUB to PDF Converter not only can remove Epub books’ DRM protection but also can smoothly convert them to PDF format to be read on mainstream e-readers. This outstanding functionality is an extravagant hopes for those ordinary ePUB conversion tools which only convert DRM-free ePUB books but don’t take effect on purchased ePUB books. So, This high quality improvement of technology made a splendid ePUB to PDF Converter that has never been found before, which enables you to easily and swiftly convert ePUB books to PDF formats for being read on mainstream e-readers such as series kindle devices, all apple devices, Nook, Kobo, etc.

convert ePUB books to PDF

The source ePUB files after being converted has the original quality and content, no contents will be lose, guarantees your reading effect. This top-rated ePUB converter also has a very concise and clean operation interface, both the advanced computer users and beginners can use it with convenience. Only three steps, you will earn eBooks you want. Firstly ,add eBooks by adding button, or straight dragging your eBooks that need to be converted into the program, Secondly, click the “convert” button like the upper screenshot shows you. Lastly, right-cilick the converted eBooks’ path to find out the output files. That’s so easy !

In my personal opinion, if you don’t satisfy with the conversion speed of your current EPUB to PDF Converter, this one is a very desired substitutes for you, which is much more remarkable than the ordinary one. It has several excellent characters campared with the out-of-date converter.

Character one. Converts the one ePUB books to PDF within double seconds, converts dozens of ePUB books within minutes. It is much 5x faster that anothers.

ePUB books to PDF

Character two. Epubor EPUB to PDF Converter supports batch conversion mode, that means you can add as many ePUB books as you want into this program to convert them at one time, after the conversion work finished, It will be a pop up message for you, that informs you the job for conversion is over. So, you just need to click the prompting information, the output PDF eBooks folder shows you.

Character three. The ample output e-readers are preseted for you, which include Kindle devices, apple devices, Kobo e-readres, Nook, Sony, PC e-reader.

Kindle devices

You can choose one of them as an output to suit for your own e-reader.This perfect, outstanding and humanized setting makes the output files more suitable for your screen size.

Of course, you certainly have the right to customise the output PDF files’ width and length by using the control menu.

output PDF

control menu

New features function of the latest Epubor ePUB to PDF Converter :

  1. The whole new interface and core, better conversion quality, better user-experience;
  2. Keep the original ePub’s table of contents in output PDF, including some special layouts;
  3. Dual-thread conversion, 5X faster than other ePub to PDF conversion softwares;
  4. Customize the output PDF page size and margin as you like;
  5. Preset most of popular reading devices in output options, give you a PDF suits your screen size most, no need to zoom in any more;
  6. You can also add a customized device in output list, which remembers your output settings;
  7. Multi-languages supported, including English, Chinese and Japanese;
  8. Customize the output folder;
  9. Double/Right click on the finished title to explore the output folder.

If you owned the newest ePUB to PDF Converter, then freely enjoy your ePUB books on any e-readers.

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