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If you own at least one website, I’m sure you promote it hard to achieve better positions in SERPS, don’t you? It’s no secret that high search engine rankings are the main key to bigger traffic and earnings, that’s why thousands of webmasters go out of their way trying to outplay competitors and move their domains into top positions. Unsurprisingly, they achieve this goal with the help of backlinks, but backlinks building isn’t as simple and easy as it was used to be years ago.

Years ago successful webmasters were posting links on forums and similar places, while today’s professionals are strictly focused on the world’s most popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook. However, these two are very different; the first one was built for sharing the most important updates (and links, of course), while another one was designed for people who want to communicate with their friends, classmates, etc. So, if your main goal is promoting some website, product or service, Twitter is the way to go.

Unfortunately, posting to Twitter is very time consuming; you need to login to your account, go to the dashboard, write a message, paste a link, and finally submit the post. It’s not so boring if you post once or twice a week, but what if you have more websites, products or services to be promoted OFTEN? Continue wasting hours of time writing new posts? Hire someone to do the job for you? Don’t be silly! All you need is fully automated Twitter marketing software.

Looking for Solution
There are several different Twitter marketing solutions on the market, so choosing the best may be a difficult task. If you are ready to risk your money, go with any developer you like, but I prefer using products from well-known and reputable vendors; therefore, I got Twitter marketing software (named Raven Poster) from a company which was established in 2006 and continues offering first-class website promotion software to its clients for 8 years. Their first tool named Trackback Submitter was the world’s first 100% automatic trackback solution which forced thousands of blog owners to disable trackback functionality on their blogs because of an extreme effectiveness of the software, and they still continue releasing free updates to this tool until now, which convinced me ordering another tool from them; the Raven Poster.

Priced at only $99, it’s one of the cheapest tools the company offers, so I wasn’t sure if it’s as good as their other solutions. Alright, it’s time to get started… I placed my order, received a confirmation email with download links after 15 seconds, downloaded the software, and ran the installer. A few basic questions and Raven Poster is fully ready to use.

Extreme Simplicity

The user interface is well-designed and all the options are just a single click of the mouse away, which makes Raven Poster easy-to-use even for total beginners. Basic settings should be fine for most users, but the software offers lots of advanced options and complex solutions for expert users, so take your time and carefully read all descriptions of all the functions for best experience possible. Don’t worry, you won’t need to study the Help section; just move mouse pointer over desired option or feature, and interactive pop-up window with detailed information and useful examples will appear. It simply couldn’t be easier and better.

Speed of the Light

After adding 5 Twitter users, I clicked the ‘Mass create account biography‘ button and all the accounts on Twitter got detailed yet professional biographies in less than a second. All of them were completely different and unique. Nice.

Since the software offers unlimited campaigns and can rotate everything (users, messages, keywords, proxy servers, etc.) on autopilot, I added several RSS feeds from my sites (yes, raven Poster can automatically create posts from an unlimited number of RSS feeds), enabled the posting engine, and “forgot” the software for 1 week.

The next week I opened Twitter and found dozens of posts (submitted from different users at random time) automatically made by my accounts via Raven Poster. Furthermore, each of my accounts had at least 50+ new followers (thanks to a special feature which can easily get new followers to your profiles).

The Results
As you would expect, overall traffic was increased as well. While the growth wasn’t huge (about 15%), it also leaded to higher income, which is always a good thing. My rankings weren’t changed, but I didn’t expect that after using Raven Poster for only a week, since Google updates its rankings only every few months. But overall results impressed me a lot; new followers, higher traffic, and bigger earnings while doing absolutely nothing…

The Conclusion

Frankly speaking, I tested less than a half of the features offered by Raven Poster, since it would take many hours to describe all of them in this review, but if you are looking for new ways to promote your stuff, I highly recommend you downloading this tool and playing with it for a while; you will be surprised. All in all, it’s the best Twitter marketing software in the market today, and the only thing I feel bad about is that I didn’t purchase it earlier; it could have saved many hours and earned extra dollars for me…

Developer: Raven Poster
Website Link: http://www.ravenposter.com/

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