ListMate Express & ListMate Pro & ListMate Pro Platinum Review

ListMate Express

ListMate Express Review

ListMate Express is an ULTRA-HIGH-SPEED e-mail list management suite of tools to manipulate, organize and process your large files of emails in ways you never thought possible…for all Windows platforms. The software can accommodate maximum data file sizes of 500 megabytes and it features 9 separate tools/screens each with its own host of features…all executed at warp-speed.

This is our entry-level platform and while it may not have all of the advanced list-manipulating features, bells and whistles, or horsepower of its bigger brothers… it *still* easily outperforms anything else out there in terms of speed, cost-effectiveness, functionality and ease of use.

If you are a small to medium size business, ListMate Express has more than enough power and features. What’s more, it comes in 3 different “levels”, so you can custom-tailor your ListMate Express solution just right for you – pay only for the power and capacity you need:

Level 1 – for maximum file sizes of 100 megs
Level 2 – for maximum file sizes of 250 megs
Level 3 – for maximum file sizes of 500 megs

(A file of about 4.5 million pure email addresses is approx. 100 megs)

ListMate Pro Review

If you’re a successful business owner, work in public relations, or otherwise have a huge list of email contacts, you probably already understand the benefit of email list management. But perhaps you haven’t found an application that quite meets your needs, ListMate Pro, will be right up your alley!

ListMate Pro lets you manage your large email files faster and more efficiently than any other application on the market. With ListMate Pro, you’ll be able to handle email files up to 2.2 Gigs, applying any of twelve tools to manipulate and process all of your contacts while providing feedback and summary reports for every action.

What kinds of tools? How about the ability to extract email addresses from raw input files? Or the ability to merge new addresses into an existing file? You can use ListMate Pro to process remove lists quickly, or filter out specific domains, keywords, states, and what-have-you. These and a plethora of other list manipulation utilities make ListMate Pro an indispensable tool in your arsenal of software applications.

ListMate Pro Platinum Review

If you’re good at your marketing and PR job, you know the value of effective email list management. But even if you’ve grown comfortable using your computer to manage your email lists, perhaps the massive success of your company has led you to bump into the limitations of your current software solution. Enter ListMate Pro Platinum!

ListMate Pro Platinum is an astounding email list management application that can handle contact files of UNLIMITED size. No other email list management software out there can claim this. With ListMate Pro Platinum, huge email lists are no problem at all, and offers you a variety of powerful and flexible options for managing your contacts. Need to process remove requests against a database of contacts with detailed info? ListMate Pro Platinum can do that! Need to strip out unneeded information, such as IP addresses, from a data file? ListMate Pro Platinum can do that, too! Need to consolidate all of your email distribution lists in one spot? ListMate Pro Platinum can scour your hard drive according to criteria that you set, finding all of your email lists and copying them to a designated folder.

It’s amazing to discover how much of your time is wasted with bad domains or email contacts. Use ListMate Pro Platinum to retain or exclude data records and email addresses with specific keywords, or streamline your domain lists by number of addresses, country codes, and more. Imagine being able to create geographically targeted email distribution lists! You can, with ListMate Pro Platinum!

This is merely scratching the surface of ListMate Pro Platinum’s functionality – you’ll be absolutely amazed at what this software can do, and the blazing speed at which it does it.

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