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Virtual desktop manager is a tool which creates several virtual workspaces on a computer screen. Normally, each workspace contains several application windows; switching between such desktop workspaces, or “pages” of screen space, means switching between groups of applications. Applications in currently inactive workspaces are usually inaccessible directly – by means of an operating system – the only way to access them is either by activating a proper workspace, or by “relocating” an application to currently active screen page in desktop manager. The most obvious benefits of this approach are better logical organization of desktop environment and clutter reduction – hiding applications which are irrelevant to the current task. Virtual desktop managers also provide mechanisms of application windows handling.

GoScreen is one of the oldest and is definitely the most versatile tool of this kind for Microsoft Windows operating system. It features highly configurable user interface, an impressive collection of window managing tools, application launcher. Automation features of goScreen make it possible to use it in scripts, or integrate with other tools, like programmable keyboards, gesture or speech recognizers, for example. Flexible configuration settings handling, which includes exporting and importing, creates a possibility of re-configuring goScreen in seconds.

It is important to note that knowing all features and options goScreen provides is not a requirement at all. One could successfully use it having only basic knowledge of what “virtual desktop manager” is. GoScreen starts to shine though when a set of basic features is not enough, when there is a need for more complex scenarios. Possibilities of its customization are literally endless.

{setup and visual appearance}

GoScreen has three user interface windows, each of which can serve as “primary” one – in a sense that closing primary window terminates the application. Each user interface window provides access to all functionality of goScreen; choosing which one to declare primary is a matter of personal preference. It is possible to configure colors, fonts and transparency of each of them.

GoScreen can create up to 80 screen pages (desktop workspaces). Each page can have its own name, description, icon, sound, desktop background picture. Page name is short and is displayed on top of other windows. Unlike page name, page description can be a long multi-line text – it is shown below all other windows, on the desktop. Desktop wallpaper can be different in landscape and portrait display orientation. Sound is played when the page becomes active.

To switch between screen pages, one can define keyboard hot keys, or mouse cursor hot zones. Page transition can be animated with any of 16 transition effects, including several 3D ones.

On computer with several monitors, goScreen can be configured to manage each monitor independently, or all of them at once. Configuration settings can be stored either in registry or in a file; can be exported and imported from a file – by category, or all of them – to transfer them to another computer, or for backup.

{Application management}

It is possible to relocate application windows from one screen page to another, assign an application to a specific screen page, or to several of them, show a window on all screen pages, ignore certain windows completely.

{Screen page layout}

Layout operations in goScreen help to find a particular window among windows on the screen, or move windows into new positions.

Operations in the first group are reversible – once another window becomes active, goScreen automatically restores original layout. There are seven such operations for you to choose from, including moving windows into view, making them semi-transparent, or moving them aside so that the desktop becomes visible.

Ability to move a window into a new position permanently requires a rule – you define how to identify such a window and its preferred position. Upon command, goScreen finds the window and moves it.

{Application launcher}

There are two application launchers in goScreen: Run dialog box and Launchpad. Former one is pretty simple – just a dialog box window with a list, in which you can select one or several items. Launchpad is more sophisticated – it is a panel of shortcuts on Windows desktop. Unlike standard desktop shortcuts, these can have identical names or no name at all; also, they can have different sizes. Each screen page has its own list of Launchpad shortcuts, of course. Yet another way to make goScreen start an application is “default applications” settings. goScreen can run a command once a day, or each time a particular page becomes active or inactive.

GoScreen is truly indispensable tool on any Microsoft Windows computer. Casual users might find it sufficient to use its free edition – with limited capabilities; experts will appreciate free life-time upgrades.

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GoScreen Download and Review - Virtual Desktop Manager for Microsoft Windows, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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