Facebook Marketing QuickStart Course Review

Facebook Marketing QuickStart

More and more marketers and business owners realize Facebook is an essential marketing channel. With 1 billion users all over the world, no one wants to ignore such a gigantic market.

If you don’t have a Facebook Page yet, look at this statistics: 53% of people who click through a Facebook Page will make a purchase – can your blog deliver such a high conversion rate?

The most important part is, Facebook can virally spread your business by Likes. Once a visitor click the “Like” button, your post or Page will appear in her Facebook Timeline to all her friends. When her friends see this and “Like” again, your post of Page will be spread to her friends’ friends again.

With this virtuous circle, your business will be seen thousands if not millions of people without a huge ads investment. That’s what marketers and business owners are dreaming of.

Then, how to make Facebook be your effective marketing channel?

Facebook Marketing QuickStart course is a perfect start up guide for you.

This quickstart course teaches the 8 steps to succeed with Facebook marketing. Unlike other PDF only course, it includes 10 high quality videos, 60+ page guide book, 10 MP3 audios (with which you can learn outdoor) and a useful special report on 10 Facebook marketing tricks.

In Facebook Marketing QuickStart course, you will learn:

– Useful facts and statistics of Facebook.

– How to correctly plan and create Facebook Page to attract customers.

– How to create effective Facebook profile and the About section to convey your branding ideas.

– How to safely and quickly get as many real Facebook Likes as you want.

– How to write Facebook post to leverage the viral power.

– How to effectively use Facebook Tabs to make your Facebook Page more interactive and stick your visitors.

What’s more, this course also provides plenty of handy Facebook marketing resources. It does save me tons of time to investigate.

As of the price, it’s only $27 – very cost-effective. Even a PDF guide like this can worth over $27, but now you can get videos, audios, report and a thick guide.


If you are new to Facebook marketing, or just you are not satisfied with your current results, Facebook Marketing QuickStart course is the best choice.

If you are going to train your staff or outsourcing contractor, this course is also recommended.

If you are already a high-end Facebook marketer, then it may not fit for you, unless you are interested in the statistics, resources or ideas in the course – even one inspiration can pay off the prices, right?

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Facebook Marketing QuickStart Course Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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