CodeLobster PHP Edition Download Free and Review

CodeLobster PHP Edition is a powerful, feature-rich and multifunctional code editor for PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript developers with integrated debugger and HTML-inspector much like FireBug. Any web developer, who wishes to improve the quality and velocity of their work and shift to the new level of professional performance, is recommended to use such a tool. It is so because CodeLobster PHP Edition is a sterling IDE – smart assistant, which handles all the routine, effectively organize your working space, and frees up enough resources for your creativity and innovations.

CodeLobster PHP Edition

Main features of Codelobster PHP Edition, divided by functional groups, are:

HTML: syntax highlighting, tags auto-complete and current tag attributes, paired tags marks, quick highlighting of paired tags, attributes and attribute values, dynamic help on tags syntax.

PHP: a full-fledged debugger, code parser, which delivers full structure of you project with a complete list of methods appropriate in the particular cases, code highlighting, tooltips, context and dynamic help for functions, auto filling for functions, methods and variables of classes.

SQL: highlighting, auto completion, databases and table management, full CRUD support for database structures and records, execution of SQL queries, data export and import and much more.

FTP support: easy access to remote FTP servers and the ability to edit remote files online.

Drupal: automatic installation, assistants making coding easier, auto completion, fast navigation, tooltips and help on the internal functions.

Joomla: auto completion, theme editor, tooltips and help.

Smarty: highlighting, auto completion, tooltips and syntax help.

WordPress: auto completion, theme editor, help functions, tooltips.

jQuery, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii, CakePhp, Facebook: auto completion, controller/view navigation, context and dynamic help.

Portable version is also available for those who use mobile flash-drives or clouds to store their files.

It has to be mentioned that CodeLobster PHP Edition is free to use – you just register on web site and get the registration key. This allow you to use HTML editor and code inspector, CSS, JavaScript and PHP editors and PHP debugger with no restrictions. However, additional plugins for popular frameworks and CMS are for additional price. Tariff scheme is flexible, so you can choose exactly what you are paying for.

Download CodeLobster PHP Edition Free and Lite, Professional Version From Avangate

  1. Download CodeLobster PHP Edition Free Here:
  2. Download CodeLobster PHP Edition Lite Version Here:
  3. Download CodeLobster PHP Edition Professional Version Here:

Visit CodeLobster PHP Edition Official Site Here:


Preview CodeLobster PHP Edition Site To Review:

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CodeLobster PHP Edition Download Free and Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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