AOMEI Backupper Version 1.6 Review

Freeware Backupper version 1.6 has been released on Aug 27th 2013 with several significant improvements. The new features make this specialized Windows backup utility more powerful and comprehensive that its previous versions. What can we get from this new version and how does this freeware work? Let’s go have a look.

User Interface

The dark blue background color makes the first impression of AOMEI Backupper refreshing and pleasing. The configuration is straightforward and clear. The left part of the operating interface always shows the main options while left the right side to show detailed information of the target in the process. No fancy and complicated designs but focus on the usability and user experience.

Basic Functions
All of the three basic functions are listed at the left side of the main interface: Backup, Restore and Clone. We can make a backup image for the system, a partition or a whole disk. We can then restore the system, a partition or a whole disk accordingly. Since the clone function allows us to clone a partition or a disk to another, we might use this feature in the future once a new hard drive is purchased.

Backupper version 1.6

New Features

1. Backup to NAS
In AOMEI Backupper Ver 1.6, we can fully utilize NAS by using it as the destination device to store backup files which can provide us with more flexibility and convenience.

2. Schedule Backup
Schedule backup could be the best way to keep the data from losing. In AOMEI Backupper , we can set up a backup schedule in daily, weekly and monthly.

3. Bootable USB Drive and CD/DVD Supported
AOMEI Backupper Ver 1.6 gives us an option to launch the program directly without accessing into Windows first by burning the image of AOMEI Backupper into USB devices or CD/DVD. In this way, even if the system crashes we still can use AOMEI Backupper restore the system.

AOMEI Backupper restore

Apart from the new features listed above, version 1.6 also starts to support GPT and UEFI boot.

AOMEI Backupper is an extremely easy to use Windows backup utility with user friendly interface and powerful functions and the version 1.6 is a giant leap for this app. If you have already recognized the importance of data backup and want find a cost-effective solution, AOMEI Backupper could be an adequate assistant for you.

Now this freeware has been upgraded to AOMEI Backupper Standard V2.0, and comes with new features:

*Files and folders backup & restore.

*Partition alignment to optimize SSD during restoring or cloning operation.

*Windows PE bootable rescue media support EFI/UEFI boot mode.

*Fully support Windows 8.1 and some bug fixes.

*Learn More:

Now this freeware has been upgraded to Version 2.0.1, and comes with new features:

Email notifications *.
View backup logs.
Export/Import all backup tasks in an XML file.
NAS and network backup bugs fixed.
GPT/UEFI system backup enhancement

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