WordPress Real Estate Theme Review

WordPress Real Estate Theme

Download Link: http://www.premiumpress.com/realestate/

WordPress Real Estate Theme Review
WordPress remains one of the most popular sites to host a blog or blog style website. It is easy to use, there are extensive plugins available to customize what the pages can do and most importantly – you have ability to use custom themes. Themes set the stage for how your audience perceives you.

There is no business in which this is more important than real estate. Having a WordPress real estate theme means more than having a banner and a background featuring property and a for sale sign, the theme defines what the user can do and how efficient and professional they will see you.

Features that need to be there

Real estate pages need to put everything at a visitor’s fingertips so they do not go someplace else to do something like find a location on a map. The second a visitor goes to a different site, the chances of them returning to yours becomes very low. The more useful and practical you can make your WordPress Real Estate theme the more retention and conversion of unique visitors you will have.

The features that need to be a part of the theme should include: search fields (for your page, not the web in general), agent profiles, Google maps, search listing options (by property type, price and so on) plus having an option that allows for visitors to customize and save their searches and to define alerts is definitely going to engage them with your page.

Features for the Backend

The backend involves all the nuts and bolts of the page that your visitor never sees. This can be everything from how you handle subscription lists to where you pull your listings from. There are different widgets that you can use to track your visitors and also design tools, SEO tools and CSV/XML import tool. If all of that now sounds like you have to be a web designer to create a WordPress real estate theme, you don’t.

They have wisely made it easy for independent designers and developers to offer pre-packaged themes. You can hire a company to create a custom WordPress real estate theme for you and to even perform all the necessary maintenance and updating it will require. As long as you have an idea of what you want the page to do for your business, there are good services you can hire to turn it from an idea into a live and lively WordPress page.

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WordPress Real Estate Theme Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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