Whole Mind Golf Review

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Whole Mind Golf Review

Whole Mind Golf Mental Game Coaching System

Nowadays there are many choices and options for mental game coaching. More and more players are realizing the importance of training their mind along with working on their technique. The important thing for you is to find a mental game coaching process that suits you.

Yes, just like with golf lessons there are methods that are more suitable to you, this is true with mental game coaching as well. Each approach has its merits. The key is to see the results in your game. Makes sense doesn’t it?

With Whole Mind Golf you get specific exercises and stimulating mental imagery techniques to use during your rounds and to use when you’re not golfing. This approach is experiential, not conceptual. In other words you don’t read a pile of stuff that fills your head with ideas or concepts that many times only serve to make things worse. Inner calm and focus is what we want, not a load of things to “think about” while we’re playing…

Too Much Thinking Kills Your Game

The key with Whole Mind Golf method is this: the mind works in specific ways and has a love for patterns. These patterns can be very useful when channelled properly. Winning is a habit. Playing well under pressure is a habit. Seeing your ball beside a tree and you have to hit a miracle shot and you smile in anticipation, this can be a pattern.

The problem with almost every golfer on the planet is that they play a stimulus response kind of game: hit a bad shot/get angry. Play poorly/feel depressed or frustrated. Walk to the first tee/get nervous. The patterns players have made into habits do not serve them at all, most of the time.

Now imagine being sable to design brand new mental/emotional habits around your confidence, excellence, winning attitude and playing in the flow where your optimal performance shows up in your game time and time again. You discover how to make a habit out of playing well. A new pattern…

Golf is a Mind/Body Game

Whole Mind Golf uses every sense you have to make the changes you need. What do I mean? They use written material to guide you into the right mindset. They use video coaching where they focus on the the key processes/exercises in the written material. They also use audio coaching to enhance and solidify the new mindset you’re developing.

The results this program have created are nothing short of phenomenal. Of course not every player who uses the system will produce course record breaking scores, but every one will improve, there is no doubt about that. There are players who’ve shot personal low scores after using the coaching, won tournaments, won bets, broke course records, broke 80 for the first time and broke into the 60’s and shattered personal best scores.

Here’s a brief list of the players who can benefit most from the Whole Mind Golf method:

  1. If you play well occasionally but not consistently and know you can play better
  2. High School and collegiate golfers looking to make the team and/or want to play to their potential in tournaments
  3. You like to bet and want to win most of the bets you make
  4. Want to become seen and known as a “clutch” performer, the person who holes the important putts and hits the quality shots under pressure
  5. Want to lower your handicap fast and reach a new level of consistency
  6. You get nervous and sometimes can’t seem to focus your mind
  7. Poor shots are too important to you and anger gets the best of you usually ruining your game
  8. Play well most of the day but let things get away when you have a chance to go low or you are shooting a good score but you collapse on the last few holes to destroy what was going to be a personal low score

This list isn’t complete, by any means, but it does provide a wide range of areas the Whole Mind Golf system delivers on. The processes you learn are very simple to do and to put into your game. In fact this is really its power. Everyone can use it. Pros and novices. Teenagers all the way to Seniors.

This system has identified the powerful mind principles that are consistent with all minds. The keys are universal and once mastered you have the keys to the kingdom, so to speak!

The game of golf is played from the inside out, not the other way around. Therefore you MUST use your mind properly while developing your technique if you plan to play to your potential. Whole Mind Golf will guide you toward developing your mental game so you can play as good as you know you are capable of. And to do it as a habit not as an accident.

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