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Review Of High Priestess Suzanne White’s East/West Astrology Best Sellers

Suzanne White is no ordinary Astrology writer. She makes a point of not going on at her readers about Saturn cluttering the midheavens or Jupiter landing on your roof in the night. No way! Suzanne White is a respected, experienced and very funny astrologer and author of 5 volumes of brilliant insights on people, their lives and how they behave because of their signs.

Suzanne has written five best-selling books on Chinese and western astrologies. Her dynamite books will literally knock off your socks. There is no other astrologer who manages to make the tangled, complex intricacies of astrology so simple and easy-to-read. Suzanne’s informative books are accessible by all. In fact, they read like jaunty novels. She tells you that a Pig is generous and has hearty sexual appetites. Then she gives you an example. A friend who is a Pig whose sexploits and preoccupation with food she describes in hilarious detail. Same goes for Aries and Gemini and Sagittarius. Every one of the main 24 astrological signs is covered. And every one is incisively detailed with regard to Money, Love, Health, Profession, Family, Marriage, Children and flings. And… there is a section in each book on famous people and their signs.

2012 SUZANNE WHITE’S ANNUAL NEW ASTROLOGY™ FULL YEAR OF HOROSCOPES came out on November 1, 2011. Since that day, this 100,000 word book has been an overwhelming best seller. It’s a beautiful book – with illustrations and masses of information on each of 24 signs and month-by-month horoscopes for each and every one. Suzanne White’s horoscopes are not like other astrologers’. Suzanne is not only accurate about what will happen to the Dog or the Cancer in April of 2012, she tells the Dog and the Cancer (and all the others chapter by chapter) what to do about the events and happenings which lurk ahead of them during 2012 – the portentous YEAR of THE WATER DRAGON. Each month brings news of income windfalls, health events, lovers quarrels, marriages, flings, office romances or even love on a bus. Suzanne does not mince words. Good news or mediocre news, Suzanne White tells it like it is. She’s funny. But she is also dead serious. This book is a must bedside companion to help you trudge through and untangle the incidents and accidents to come in the rambunctious YEAR OF THE DRAGON ahead.

In CHINESE ASTROLOGY PLAIN AND SIMPLE, Suzanne White’sa first book on the subject, she not only details the characteristics and forecasts of each sign, but she gives every sign a Prescription for the future – a how-to section to teach a reader how best to use qualities and downplay faults. You will giggle and you will quake to realize just how Tigerish your Tiger mother really is – or how power hungry your Rat lover might prove to be. Suzanne White shows you, in no uncertain terms, how to manage all the ramifications of relationships between and among the Chinese signs. (350 wds)

In THE NEW ASTROLOGY™, Suzanne’s most popular best seller, Suzanne White has blended Chinese and Western astrologies to create 144 NEW Astrological signs. Only once in a century does someone come up with an entirely NEW way of looking at astrology. Suzanne White has done that very thing – in spades! Whether you are A Capricorn/Dragon or A Cancer/Dog, you are not like other Cancers or Capricorns. They might be born in a Horse or a Monkey year. And they are not like you. Each and every NEW ASTROLOGY™ sign is a thrilling 4-5 page trip inside the head of a the people who inhabit that sign. “It’s so accurate, it’s eerie” say readers. They wonder if Suzanne White has been reading their mail. If you want to better understand yourself or finally get why you yourself can’t stand your mother-in-law or your boss, get this innovative volume. You will never want to be without it – it’s a lifetime reference book. (600 pages)

THE ASTROLOGY OF LOVE is a compendium of compatibilities among all 24 signs. Suzanne White could not possibly fit all the compatibilities inside her NEW ASTROLOGY™ book. So she wrote THE ASTROLOGY OF LOVE. This book tells you who you get along with best – and worst. There is a key in the front of the book. Each pairing gets a certain number of hearts. 4 hearts = Bed of roses 3 hearts = Bed & Breakfast 2 hearts = Breakfast in bed 1 heart = Pillow fights 0 hearts = Bed of Nails. Again, this book is amusing and scarily accurate. A Leo/Rat does not want to get entangled with a Sagittarius/Horse… Bed of nails and a half! The book keeps you flipping through to find all your lovers past and present. You will find out from Suzanne White just why it worked or did not. (300 pages)

THE NEW CHINESE ASTROLOGY is Suzanne’s Fourth Book. It takes a broader view of Chinese Astrology than did her first volume on the subject. Here, Suzanne White has expanded the signs, described how each of the five elements affects each sign and give detailed predictions about the future. There are sections about famous people and their Chinese signs, sections on how A female Horse person differs from a male. There is a section on children of each sign and how they should best be raised for maximum results. This book is also full of stories of Horses and Goats and Pigs and Rats and how they live. It’s astounding to see how clearly a person’s Chinese signs defines them. down to the ground. (550 pages)

SUZANNE WHITE writes books for everybody and for the future. You will never stop consulting her books on every device you own. They are written in a friendly, charming tone and without astrobabble to confuse you. Read one of Suzanne White’s books and you will not stop until you have read them all.

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