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Review of Surveilstar Employee Monitoring Software: A Professional, Complete Solution for Better Human Resource Management

With the rapid development of technology, more and more companies are attempting modern tools for better human resource management. Obviously, most of them unanimously select employee monitoring software for that purpose.

A recent survey shows that over half of American companies are using software to monitor employee. Anyway, such a software is typically installed on employees’ (company-owned) computer terminals to record their on-line activities and documents/application using details.

Not every employee is a good one. No wonder why so many managers/bosses choose to monitor them. A monitoring software can not only provide detailed statistics reports based on employees’ behaviors, but also help employers to analyze if the employee is doing a good job. In a word, it skips fussy job performance evaluation process by introducing a fresh new evaluation reference. So, if you are looking for an unique, ideal employee monitoring software, Surveilstar is definitely the one.

Working Theory
Agent– Installed on monitored computers for collecting users’ data.
Console– Remote control of agents. Real-time screens and log files view of monitored computers.
Server– Store data sent from agent and policies created on console.

Key Features Of Surveilstar Employee Monitoring Software

  1. Screen Monitoring: View real-time screen to see what is happening on the monitored computer side.
  2. Email Monitoring: Record all emails exchanges with details. Allow or block outgoing emails after filtering.
  3. IM Monitoring: Record instant messages’ content sent and received by most mainstream IM tools.
  4. Website Monitoring: Record visited websites. Enables you to block any websites as you like.
  5. Application Monitoring: Record all used applications with name and path. Limit application usage by name or class.
  6. Documents Monitoring: Record all used documents. Limit document usage with flexible document policy.
  7. Printing Monitoring: Record all printing logs with printer type, time, user, etc. If necessary, record printed contents.
  8. Network Monitoring: Record IP address, MAC, network traffic. Lock, log off, power down and restart the agent computers. Limit network access, bandwidth, download speed, IP and port.


1.Supports monitoring cross-network
2.Invisible, stealth mode
3.Remote installation of agents
4.Remotely control monitored computers
5.Alert, notification sending
6.Multiple screens monitoring
7.Auto-generated behavior statistics

Surveilstar is now available in many famous companies by providing useful employee monitoring, human resource management solution. For your information, please visit Surveilstar official site.

Download Surveilstar Employee Monitoring Software free trial and Full Version From Avangate

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Download Surveilstar Employee Monitoring Software From Official Site Here:


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Surveilstar Employee Monitoring Software Download Free & Review, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings


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