RoboTask Review

RoboTask Review

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RoboTask Review

Part of becoming efficient is learning which tasks can be done with the least amount of thinking and energy. Sometimes, the types of tasks that can be automated to give your more time and energy for other projects can be surprisingly complex. RoboTask is a task automation program that not only can handle the simple issues of launching programs but can be programmed with IF/THEN statements that can get as multi layered as having conditions and variables to allow the program to be responsive to the work environment. You can create a simple code to automate one task or to run as a batch file to handle multiple conditions and actions at once.


RoboTask can be set to run applications, open documents and manage backups. It can also be programmed to respond to certain conditions by shutting down the system or logging off the Internet. It is also capable of working on the Internet by using FTP and Web servers, sending letters or files by email on a schedule and launch network messages to selected users.

The key to using the program effectively is to sit and do a flowchart of the tasks and processes involved in your daily business. The more you can understand the actual bits of your process the more you can figure out which can be streamlined by automation. Because RoboTask has a strong message component you can also set it to send you alerts when a task has been triggered or completed.

Planning for the Worst

While automated backup programs and schedules are great and having UPS systems in place is a help, if something happens such as the Internet shutting down or a sudden threat being detected on the system you need to be able to respond as quickly as you would to a sudden power outage.

You can set conditions for RoboTask to handle each situation. If a sudden series of changes to folders or additions to directories are detected that suggest that malware or spyware is installing itself, the program can launch a preset routine to shut down and isolate the computer to protect your data. Because you create the program for the conditions you can customize the process to best suit your anticipated needs.
The program can also work with datasets, this can be very important especially combined with the condition statements and variables as it will allow the system to “read” the datasets and detect changes that you may need to be alerted about. It can do the same thing with notifying you with any changes to folders on your drives. In a way, it performs the task of a watchdog if your train it right.


RoboTask can be downloaded for free and the full version has a 30 day free trial. There is also a freeware RoboTask lite version available. If there is one criticism of this product it is its platform limitations. It will only run on a PC with a Windows 9x/2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7. It will not run on MAC or Linux and it is not compatible with Windows 95/NT4. This can be a bit of a problem because many people work across several operating systems.

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