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Review Of The Fat Girl

The Fat Girl – Now 50% Lighter says, “Nothing in the world feels as good as true wellness.”

Shawn Cote weighed 266 pounds and felt hopeless when it came to her weight loss. She occasionally felt inspired to try the latest diets, losing hope along the way to ever try again when no weight was ever really lost.

She listened to her doctors, took diagnoses’ and prescriptions blindly, ate junk food and ignored her health issues. She eventually became too ill to attempt wellness or weight loss and gave up trying. She got sicker and sicker, lying in bed for months until her husband researched the true way to wellness; and that weight loss wasn’t a matter of calories or pounds – it was a matter frightening misinformation we have all been told.

Shawn’s incredible story of self-healing is inspiring, motivating and offering us the real information we need to lose our unwanted weight and live dis-ease free. The information is here! Anyone can do this!

Shawn went from 266 pounds to 132 pounds without diets, doctors, prescription medications, surgery or pre-made/packaged meals.

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