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Smart Local Business Finder Review

Smart Local Business Finder (SLBF) is the ultimate tool and strategic weapon every Internet marketer should use when the target is local business marketing.

Local business marketing is one of the hottest and popular trends in Internet Marketing. Basically, as the global market is today aware that the people are looking for information about local stores and services mainly via the Internet (experts say the percentage is over 94% in countries e.g. the United States and the United Kingdom), it is quite evident and vital for a local business to establish an online presence. That means any business has to do the same as an online business. But, having a website does not mean a business has established its online presence. This website has to be in the first 2-3 pages in Google and there should be also a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account and someone doing video marketing or a Youtube channel or a Vimeo page to show what a business can do for its customers. These are just some of the points in the must-have list for a business to have a strong online presence. The list of requirements can grow dramatically.

Well, what Internet marketers have to do with these problems? The main target of a local business owner is to make money focusing on his business target (products and/or services to offer to the local market). There is nothing to do with developing websites or doing Internet Marketing.

But of course a business owner is today at the point to decide to do also Internet Marketing or to hire someone to do this job or to ask support to an external consultant.
This is the vital process for a business to establish its online presence and survive in the near future.

But the business owners have no time and sometimes no idea to understand what they need to be strongly present online. Often they even ignore the importance of the online presence.

Internet Marketers, on the other hand, do not know who needs support from them and even if they find someone they do not know his needs.

This gap can be solved by Smart Local Business Finder.

Smart Local Business Finder is the tool that helps Internet Marketers find local business in every region in the world and verify their online presence.

There is nothing to worry about what a business needs. In fact the tool provides immediately the entire information about what a local business has and does not have in terms of online presence. It is an automated system that not only retrieves local businesses but also their websites, Facebook pages, reviews from customers, Youtube videos and information from the main online business directories (e.g. Google+, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Foursquare, etc.), ranking position in the search engines, etc.

Smart LB Finder in combination with Marketing Tools is the ultimate software to automate and speed up searches of local businesses!

The tool is composed of modules with important features and functions to analyze every single local business for a chosen location.

Module #1: Business Retriever. This module is composed of:

Local Business Data Retrieval. With this function the user can do searches of local businesses selecting the country and the location in that country (zip code, state, province, city or area) for a specific online business directory and a specific business category.

The result is a list of personal data of local businesses (name, address, phone number, website,..) of a specific category (e.g. doctor, bakery, etc.).

Local Business Localizer. The results are displayed on a geographical map for better understanding.

Email Sniffer. This functionality retrieves contact emails from the information of local businesses in the search engines.

Website Retriever. If the search in a specific business directory did not return the website of some of the businesses, the tool has a function to retrieve information about the website from other sources (if existing) no matter what. This routine is not available anywhere else!

Module #2 – Website Analyzer. This module is composed of:

Google Ranking Finder. This function returns the position of the websites in Google for specific keywords related to the location and the business category.

Email Marketing Analyzer. This functions check if a business is doing email marketing and, if so, what specifically and how.

Sales Page Analyzer: This function verifies if in the homepage or other pages of a website there are buy buttons, shopping cart, online booking functions, etc.

Keywords Retriever. This function returns the main keywords of a website. This is very important in order to understand if a company is doing SEO activities.

Website Health Status Checker. With this function it is possible to verify if a website is stable and reachable by their audience.

Broken Links Checker. For each business with a website the user can verify if there are broken links in the homepage and which errors are returned.

Module #3 – Social Media Analyzer. This module is composed of:

Facebook Analyzer. This verifies for each business if they have a Facebook fan page and how many likes/fans.

Twitter Analyzer. This verifies for each business if they have a Twitter page and how many followers.

Media Inspector. It is possible to verify if in a website there are videos and if a company has also a Youtube channel.

Blog Inspector. This checks if a website is a blog or if there is a blog and/or news and RSS feeds in another page.

Module #4 – Business Analyzer. This module is composed of:

Business Analyzer. For each business, if it is verified that they have a website, it is possible to check the presence in different online business directories like Google+, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Foursquare, etc. This function is very important. In fact many business owners and even Internet Marketers ignore the importance and presence of many places where to register information about businesses. There is not too much information about this subject but the user can find a lot of information in the member’s area, including how to register businesses on the main business directories and how to promote businesses through these directories.

Feedback and Review Retriever. This is vital for the future of a local business. In fact, most of the business owners do not know or if they know, ignore the effects of reviews about their products or services posted by their past customers around the Internet. Many tools help the marketers to find the feedbacks and reviews but Smart Local Business Finder finds all the reviews in the universe of directories and popular websites on the Internet. With this information the marketers can work together with the business owners to improve the services where they received negative feedbacks.

Module #5 – Popularity Analyzer. This module is composed of:

Popular News Retriever. This function allows collecting the main news about a business over the Internet in popular websites and other “unknown” or local business directories. In fact there are many web sites that are talking about businesses. These can be popular websites, like the local news website, the New York Times, etc. as well other niche business directories (especially for businesses like restaurants, beauty salons, etc.).

This is a good way to retrieve hidden information that can affect a business and also a way to discover other business directories where to be subscribed.

Review Data Organizer. This is our ultimate powerful function which collects all the feedbacks and reviews from the main online business directories and groups them in one single repository to allow the user to organize the information.

Within the tool it is also included a multi-Language Support and the user can also export the retrieved results in CSV or MS Excel files for reporting and analysis.

Using Smart Local Business Finder the Internet marketer will own all the data about any business in the world and will be ready to approach new customers, aware of knowing everything or almost about them!

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