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Power Undelete Wizard

Computers have become the center of many of our lives. Because of that, it is easy to do something silly and delete the wrong file. Everyone has felt that feeling, that “what have I done, how can I get it back,” terror that floods your brain when you suddenly realized you deleted the wrong thing. Often this happens when you are trying to make room on a hard drive so it is important to find a program like Power Undelete Wizard (power-undelete.com) in order to use the program on all sorts of devices.

Review: How does Power Undelete Wizard Work?

Power Undelete Wizard is a step by step process that goes through the various layers on your hard drive. Data is stored in a series of codes and even when it is erased, a shadow of that data remains. The Power Undelete Wizard will walk you through a series of steps that are easy to follow and you will have your files back quickly. The program runs on a PC so you can use it on any PC on the market.


Unlike many other programs on the market, you can use this program beyond your computer hard drive. You can work with external hard drives, zip drives and USB drives as well. This means you can find files just about anywhere. The search is not limited by character so you can locate long file names as well as short ones. Once some of the files are located, you can use the preview function to see if you have found what you are looking for.

What Files Can it Find?

Power Undelete Wizard can find any file type. It can scan both deleted, damaged, formatted or reformatted areas of your drive so you can always look for your missing files. Whether you want to find a document, photos, video, music or database files, the program can walk you through the steps of recalling any and all information.

The goal of Power Undelete Wizard is to be simple enough for anyone to use. You do not have to be highly technical or understand the details of your computer to run this program. Instead of doing the work yourself, you are simply helping to guide the program to find your deleted data. Never before have you been able to run such an intensive scan on your own, saving you tons of money and time.

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Power Undelete Wizard Free Download & Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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