Police Dynamics Basic Training Package Review

Publisher: Police Dynamics

Download Link: http://policedynamics.com/basic-training-package/

Police Dynamics

I have trained over 10,000 law enforcement and government leaders from all over the world in the character-based principles of Police Dynamics. With the help of my co-author, I was able to achieve a long-time goal of placing the training material into e-book format. I now use this book as a training resource at all of my live training conferences.

This Police Dynamics Basic Training book is a MUST-READ for any law enforcement professional or anyone seeking to become one.

The 245-page E-book contains the following “dynamics,” or principles:

Dynamic of Coactivity

Take community policing to the next level and learn how to solve the problem of crime through trust-based community relationships.

Dynamic of Character

Discover how to encourage good decisions by reinforcing character instead of achievement.

Dynamic of Authority

Understanding the principle of “operating under authority” is essential to effective and ethical law enforcement. Learn how to withstand pressure and generate voluntary compliance with the law by applying this principle.

Dynamic of Restoration

Discover the specific character qualities necessary to restore renegade officers and build healthy internal relationships as well as deal with the three root character flaws: anger, lust, and greed.

Dynamic of Strongholds

Learn how to reclaim criminal strongholds by tapping into the power of community relationships to reduce the fear, apathy, and tolerance for crime that allow criminals to operate.

Dynamic of Relationships

Reduce frustration by understanding the complex dynamics involved in building vital relationships with the community you serve.

The Police Dynamics E-book is crammed full of powerful information, principles, and illustrations that will help you become even more effective in your role as a professional law officer.

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