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Review Of PhiBase Synergy: fully automatic and profitable MT4 expert advisor

This year has been tough for most Forex traders and a lot of Forex robots have suffered due to the harsh trading environment.

We have been testing out several EA’s during the past few months and PhiBase Synergy which was given to us as a beta version stood out – No, it did not make a million dollars, but the trading strategy is just great!

Will you not love to trade popular price patterns like a triple top or butterfly pattern automatically?

PhiBase Synergy makes this a reality! You can get more information about this EA from the developers website (

You may be aware of the Auto Chartist Program, which is good tool used by many professional manual traders. PhiBase brings to you an EA that can recognize price pattern and trade them successfully.

You can now trade six popular patterns automatically! The PhiBase Synergy EA withstood the tough EURUSD price action during the last couple of months without any problems.

PhiBase Synergy Team has presented backtest conducted using Tick data, which is one of the most reliable forms of testing over historical data. This form of testing gives 99% modeling quality.

The normal 90% backtest results which I conducted on my own are also impressive – 10 years of backtest without any major drawdown.

Most EA’s are based on a combination of indicators that are optimized to produce good looking equity curves in back tests. Most such EA’s fail in forward testing when the market changes.

PhiBase is not dependent on indicators and but based on recognition of certain price action patterns. No optimization is involved.

A process called Normalization and other noise removal techniques enable the EA to identify patterns. The amazing thing about PhiBase is that analyzes price action over a period of seven days! The EA trades patterns that form over the 1 and 4 hour time frames.

There are some good reasons for my confidence in this PhiBase Synergy EA. Why this EA will work?

  1. No indicators – No optimization involved
  2. Patterns are common and very popular among professional traders
  3. Capable of identifying Patterns formed over several days
  4. Only one hour candle sticks used for analysis
  5. Patterns formed over 1 and 4 hour charts recognized
  6. Simple strategy – No Martingale / No Pyramid
  7. Good trade and money management
  8. Honest 10 year back test results – No major drawdown
  9. Profit trades between 40-100 pips with success rate as high as 75%
  10. Reasonable and ideally placed StopLoss levels
  11. Can be used with multiple pairs to diversify risk

I hope you find this PhiBase Synergy review of some value. As a beta tester, I am happy to introduce this robot to my friends and the Forex trading community.

PhiBase Synergy is been priced at US$ 350.

Act now and get on to a positive start!

Please visit the PhiBase Synergy Website – I am sure you will be glad you did!

Visit PhiBase Synergy Official Site Here:


Preview PhiBase Synergy site:

Visit PhiBase PRO Official Site Here:


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PhiBase Synergy Review - PhiBase Synergy Expert Advisor (EA), 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings


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