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MyMatch Dating Software Review

MyMatch Dating Software is a new ‘build your own’ dating website solution where for a one-off fee you get access to all the source code files to allow you to create as many dating sites as you want. There are no recurring fees and no commissions to pay, what you make from your websites is all yours.

There are already some good solutions out there, so what makes this one different?

MyMatch has some features that will instantly be recognisable to people who have used social or dating sites before…

  1. Tell another member you like them
  2. Send them a virtual gift
  3. Member search based on age range and location
  4. Member Messaging System – only available to paid members

BUT… the feature that makes MyMatch stand out from the crowd is it’s social feature of allowing a member to invite 3 friends to write comments and describe them. These friends can also recommend other users to their member friend.

Is it easy to set up?

MyMatch is pretty easy to get up and running but it helps if you are familiar with editing html files, having said that the documentation walks you through each step so as long as you can follow instructions you will be fine.

Someone who knows their way around ftp and html editing software can have a site up and running in around 15mins!

What about changing the way the site looks?

When you buy MyMatch you get all the html source code files to be able to make what changes you want. If you are looking at making serious changes then you need to know your way around html and css code. All of the template files are easily found in the template folder and named to help you find your way around.

Even if you don’t know how to change the code yourself, any half decent web designer or developer will be able to find their way around the files and make changes with no problems.

How much control will I have over the Admin Area of the site?

As the owner of the site, you are also the sites Admin and as such you have complete control over your members and other aspects of your sites.

  1. You can approve or reject new user profiles
  2. Suspend members for rule breaking
  3. Set the 1, 3 and 6 month price points for paid membership
  4. Create discount codes to promote
  5. Bulk message your members with promotional offers
  6. Decide what virtual gifts your members can send to each other
  7. Set the Tax or Vat rate if required

What else comes with MyMatch Dating software?

As well as all the website source code files you get the database dump file for you to upload to your SQL database which creates all your database tables etc.

You also get a folder containing Photoshop files for a few pages and other elements to help if you wanted to create your own layouts.

Also included is the detailed documentation for MyMatch that covers software installation, features overview, how to use the Admin area, template editing tips and more. There are also some marketing freebies thrown in to get you started with marketing and promoting your websites.

Basically you get everything you need to create as many money-making dating websites as you want. The earning potential from this software is huge!

Sounds expensive?

Priced at ONLY $120 the MyMatch Dating Software package offers incredible value.

If you are a professional web designer or developer this ‘buy once, build many’ solution is indispensible, just think of how much you could charge a client for a full feature-rich dating site… Thousands! Then multiply that by how many clients you could sell it to…

Or if you just want to create a suite of dating sites for yourself and earn some passive income! Just think of it… EARNING MONEY WHILE YOU SLEEP!

As I said earlier “The earning potential from this software is huge!”

And with a commitment from the developers to constantly update the software and introduce new features to be available for free to anyone purchasing the software. What is there to lose?

You can purchase MyMatch from the official site here.

Visit MyMatch Dating Software Official Site Here:


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