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My Upholstery Shop Review

Review Of My Upholstery Shop – manage upholstery repair shop

My Upholstery Shop, is a great tool for managing your upholstery repair shop. The program handles accounting, employees, customers, inventory, estimates, orders, scheduling, vehicle mileage information, and tax information. I can’t believe you get all of this for such a small price. There is so much detail included in this program. My Upholstery Shop will definitely save you time and make your upholstery shop more professional. The program is really easy to use, There are various program themes which will allow you to change the default look of the program.

When you first launch the My Upholstery Shop program, you enter your company information. This information is required in order to display your company data on all of the invoices, estimates, and reports. Once you complete this, you need to setup the program for your specific upholstery shop. The program also allows you to include You also set your tax information, so the program knows how to calculate your tax data for sales, and employee withholdings. just select each tab, set the values, then click the apply button.

Choose the employee button, here you enter your employees. Start by entering your information. based on the industry, you can choose hourly or contract wage. If you include a picture of the employee, the image can be used later to create an ID card for the employee. You set the payroll tax deductions for each employee based on the employee’s specific tax status. be sure to save the data for each employee you enter. Once you have entered your employee data you can open and enter all of your customer’s information. The My Upholstery Shop program requires certain customer data and some of the data is optional. From here you probably want to enter your vendor information.

Entering vendor data is easy and self explanatory. If you enter the vendor web site information you can then use the built-in web browser to order supplies from the vendor directly at their web site and you don’t have to go outside of the program.

Once you have your vendors entered, you are ready to enter your inventory items. These items are used in the program when you create estimates or orders. You can add custom categories if you don’t see a category listed. You don’t have to enter them according to category order, but doing so will help you track what you have already entered. The My Upholstery Shop program automatically calculates each entry you make so you can see the value of your inventory items grow as you enter items. Great tool at tax time when your asked to provide your inventory value.

The accounts payable program included in the My Upholstery Shop program, allows you to track your shop expenses. Enter your bank balance, deposits, deductions, and the program keeps track of how much capitol you have on hand by running balance or by date. You can set a bill reminder to notify you when one of your important obligations are about to become due. This is a great feature, especially if your trying to juggle a lot of information at once.

The My Upholstery Shop program has pre-built estimates, and invoices, so you don’t have to create them on your own, it is ready to go out of the box. When you create an estimate, you only have to select items you already entered previously, so there is no need to keep entering customer or employee data over and over. All of your estimates are kept safe so you don’t have to go looking in a file cabinet for an estimate you wrote 2 months ago. If the customer decides to perform the work you won’t have to re-write the data all over, because you can convert the estimate into an order automatically. With each order, you assign an employee. The program can track employee performance based on the orders assigned to each employee including completed work. This information is displayed in a chart view along with sales, and shop expense data.

The payment tracker keeps track of customer payments on deposits or orders. When an order is created, a payment record is also created for each order. Here you can keep track of how much money is owed to your company based on deposits and orders. you can quickly view this data without having to dig through invoices looking for balances. You can also query sales data or track orders by specific tasks. There are four categories, automotive, commercial, furniture, marine. This My Upholstery Shop will allow you to view sales in each area to see how each category is measuring up.

At tax time when your asked for the mileage you used for business, you can quickly provide that information based on each vehicle you have entered and tracked mileage for. I thought this My Upholstery Shop was a handy tool to have. you can even track personal miles versus business mileage.

Included in the My Upholstery Shop program, is the ability to schedule appointments for your customers, employees, or you can use it for estimates or pickup and delivery options. Setting a reminder notice, will display an alert so you will be notified before the scheduled appointment.

A lot of thought went into the making of this My Upholstery Shop program. There are a lot of things going on in the background of this program that help you. This is a very powerful business tool which small upholstery shop owners can greatly benefit from.

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