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My Preschoolers Success Guide

Review of “My Preschooler’s Success Guide”

Many government and university studies show that what happens during the first five years of a child’s life determines all that follows, including social behavior and academic performance in school, college, and later in life. A child whose educational foundation is laid properly during this early development phase has the best possible chance to succeed in school and in life. Parents, therefore cannot wait for the educational system to lay this foundation; it is too late when our children go to school – the preschool period has come and gone!

Notice that the period to lay your child’s educational foundation, or the early childhood development phase, is the first five years of your child’s life. That means that we, as

Clearly then, it is our duty as parents to lay the right educational foundation during the early childhood development period; a truly daunting and forbidding responsibility. Many parents feel overwhelmed once they realize the enormity of the task. After all, it is a multi-faceted challenge that includes developing your child’s vocabulary, fine and large motor muscles, imagination and social skills. Many parents respond with questions such as: How do I approach this task? Where do I start? Which resources are available, and where do I find them? Where is the “Preschool Mastery 101” course?

For you to become a kindergarten teacher, so to speak, you need a system that not only tells you what to do, but also provides tools and tips to help you succeed. The “My Preschooler’s Success Guide” provides such a system: Part 1 provides the framework, and Part 2 provides the tools.

My Preschooler’s Success Guide Part 1 provides the framework to lay the right educational foundation in a 55-minute video that gives information about the following aspects (and more):

  1. The importance of actively developing children before they go to school…
  2. Identification of the most important areas to develop to properly lay the right educational foundation.
  3. Identification of and provision of strategies for each of the three most important learning styles.
  4. Where to get FREE educational material to lay the right educational foundation.
  5. How to balance work and play by making learning a fun experience.
  6. How to communicate with a child so that the child gets the most benefit from your teaching.
  7. How to develop a child’s vocabulary, math skills, fine and large motor skills in a FUN way.
  8. How to stimulate a child’s imagination and develop the skill to “think outside the box”.
  9. How to help my child make friends so that he or she is not lonely and unhappy.
  10. Tools and Tips to help you develop a child’s vocabulary, imagination, math and motor muscles.
  11. Why you must plan a child’s development process.
  12. How to plan your child’s development process with a step-by-step example.

My Preschooler’s Success Guide Part 2 provides the following three tools to help you succeed in laying your child’s educational foundation: “The ULTRA Quick Start Guide”, ”My Preschooler’s Educational Guide”, and “WallWords”.

The ULTRA Quick Start Guide

This document augments the video with step-by-step instructions:

  1. Where and how to get educational material – for FREE.
  2. Ways to develop your child’s vocabulary.
  3. Ways to develop your child’s math skills.
  4. Check lists to measure your child’s progress.
  5. A monthly planner, so that you can properly structure your child’s education.

My Preschooler’s Educational Guide

Vocabulary is the single most important aspect on which to concentrate during the early childhood development phase. Is a well-developed vocabulary more important than math skills? Yes! Certainly during the early childhood development phase. It is because everything we learn, even math and music, is explained to us through words. Although we use symbols in math and music, we learned the meaning of those symbols through the spoken word. So, if your children do not fully understand what is being said, they will always be left behind!

One of the best ways to develop your child’s vocabulary is to read them stories. Based on nursery rhymes and fairy tales that include those old favorites our parents and grandparents use to tell us, such as Humpty Dumpty, Little Miss Muffet, and Little Jack Horner, this tool consists of 12 lessons specifically designed for early childhood development. Each of the 12 lessons consists of an activity book and an MP3 recording. Each activity book, in turn, includes a nursery rhyme, fairy tale, worksheets (alphabet and numbers), color-in pictures, and more, designed to develop your child’s vocabulary, math skills, imagination, and fine motor muscles.

WallWords is a child-friendly computer game that is a fun and easy way to help your child learn how to spell, no matter what language you speak! With this stimulating game that uses bright and cheerful computer screens your child learns how to spell without even realizing it. Most importantly, your child is having fun in the process! Because you can change the words your children learn, this is a great way to teach them such important information as their names, address, and telephone numbers.

Being willing to develop your child during the early childhood development phase is a great first step. Once parents understand their responsibilities, many parents start with enthusiasm, but then seem to lose their way. In most cases, it is because they don’t have a roadmap in the form of a daily plan. To lay your child’s educational foundation successfully, get an educational system that shows you what to do. Then create a daily plan end stick to this plan!

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