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Multi-Selector Smart QuickPick Review

Review Of Multi-Selector Smart QuickPick – Smart lotto software

Multi-Selector Smart QuickPich is the latest in “Smart” lotto software from RSTech for generating numbers combinations for all major US lottery games with the highest probabilities of being a winning pick. Clearly, as the product name implies, the software is a multi-selector numbers generator. This means that it offers five (5) individual methods for generating lotto numbers combinations: All Numbers Method; Wheeling Method; Random Method; Smart Random Method; and, Restricted Numbers Combinations Method.


The All Numbers Method, basically, uses all available numbers within the range of available drawing numbers to form all the possible combinations without the repetition of numbers (Additional Ball excluded). The method does not guarantee that all the winning numbers will be on the same line of combinations, but its purpose is to defeat the negative effect of losing numbers repetition across you lines of combinations. Additionally, depending on the lotto game type and purchasing all possible combinations generated, this method assures from 90% – 100% your chances to have purchased all winning numbers (Additional Ball excluded). For example, on a lotto game of type 5/36, only 7 combinations of 5 numbers will be possible plus a residual number. But in a 4/44 lotto game type, 11 combinations of 4 numbers are possible with no residual number; 100% chance that you have purchased all winning numbers (Additional Ball excluded).

The Wheeling Method was designed for the lotto player that prefers forming all possible combinations with a selected limited pool of numbers. The method allows the implementation of Hot/Cold Numbers Theory, Lucky Numbers Belief, or Numerology.
Simply, form your pool of preferred numbers, chose between a “Full Wheel” & “Key Number Wheel” and generate all possible combinations.


The Random Method implements, specially designed, redundant mathematical algorithms to counter the negative effects of the mathematical problems associated with “Random Creep” and “Disproportionate Numbers Distribution” in a small predetermined pool of numbers. The purpose of this method is to deliver true random distribution of numbers for the lotto player that prefers to trust in “Pure Random Luck “. Likewise, the Smart Random Method performs as the Random Method in the initial cycle of its execution. However, the “Smart” option is implemented by default to screen the generated combinations through a series of lottery strategies guidelines, before the final numbers combinations are displayed for the user. Additional “Smart” options are made available to the user for the purpose to more stringently screen the numbers combinations, before they are displayed for the user.

Lastly, the Restricted Numbers Combinations Method is more appropriate for the lotto player that uses careful observation of past lotto drawings patterns, statistical analysis, and the laws of probabilities to forecast the most likely groups of numbers to be repeated on the next drawings. The method allows the user to restrict the formation of all possible combinations to a pattern of pre-selected numbers on key positions (i.e., first, second, third…, or last). Clearly, this method provides the user with more positive control over the outcome of the numbers combinations, but requires careful observation and analysis of past lotto drawing patters to maximize its benefits.

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Multi-Selector Smart QuickPick Review - Smart lotto software, 7.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings


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