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MLM (multilevel marketing) business has become widespread due to its simplicity and the possibility of good earnings. Some people works time to time, some seriously, and someone is thinking about how to start your own business. MLM International is company has created a product that is suitable for all three types of work.

MLM Downline manager HOME version is designed for members who are using the existing system or MLM business deal with occasionally. With modules such as the view of members and their invoices, personal or group volume, tasks, etc. There are also tools as genealogy, newsletters, working with the products, the statistics for the product or member, a view of sales etc. What can not be found on market (within the home user) is the calculation of commissions. This is the module where the program (based on the entered settings) calculate commission earnings for each member. After calculating commissions, just call the printing of checks and that’s it.

  • Download MLM Downline manager HOME version Full Version Here:
  • Given the opportunities and options, very easy and cheap MLM software.

    MLM Downline manager Professional version goes a step further. It is intended for members who are doing serious MLM business. This means that already have their own leaders, they want to control the processes within their group. This version further includes a web database, so that access is possible from wherever there is internet connection. Also, there are additional modules as managing access rights of individual members, login (so that each sees only her downline network), work with documents (upload / download / review of all types of documents on the Internet), detailed listing commission for every member of his group and integrated report designer etc. The most important advantage of this version is integrated shoppingcart. This means that all of the above can be used in conjunction with the web site. All sales through web stores or any signup of new member is recorded in the appropriate modules, so that when calculating the commission all of these data are taken into account.

  • Download MLM Downline manager Professional version Full Version Here:
  • MLM Downline manager Enterprise version is a software solution designed for MLM business owners, and for entirely new or existing business. The solution is designed to address all issues relating to the operations of MLM companies. It contains modules that allow replication of the web store for members, and at the same time allowing easy control and management. Software includes additional modules as a warehouse, online store statistics, the opportunity to enroll new members through web links, automatic detection of the line of sponsorship (this means that the system recognizes the sponsors with respect to the web shop where he enrolled). Also, this version includes a user-defined compensation plan and calculate commissions. So the customer only needs to submit its compensation plan is explained in detail, and gets the plan drafted in a way that does calculate commissions for him.

  • Download MLM Downline manager Enterprise version Full Version Here:
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    1. Fast simple and powerful software for MLM business.
    2. Much cheaper (even a few dozen times) than the competition.
    3. Stable and proven product, which exists in the market 9 years.
    4. High quality customer support and video films, which explains the use in details.
    5. Stylish and visually pleasing software that turns everyday work a pleasure.

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    MLM Downline Manager Review - MLM and Home Business Software, 9.4 out of 10 based on 8 ratings


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