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MacKeeper Review

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MacKeeper is a multifunctional system utility for Mac OS X that includes more than 16 tools for security, cleaning, data control and optimization. It means that you can do activities intended for 16 apps using only one application. MacKeeper will:

  1. Secure your Mac against online threats and physical theft
  2. Protect your Mac files against loss and unauthorized access
  3. Clean your Mac from junk and duplicate files
  4. Completely uninstall unused applications
  5. Keep your Mac apps up to date
  6. Speed up and optimize your Mac

Let’s explore the key features of MacKeeper in detail.

Security Features

MacKeeper’s got two security features – Internet Security and Anti-Theft – that will keep your Mac safe while you browse the Internet or carry your laptop around.

Internet Security is a powerful plugin that includes Real-Time Safe Browsing, Real-Time Antivirus Scan and automatic security updates.

  1. Real-Time Safe Browsing “catches” the websites it considers dangerous and adds their URLs to the blacklist. Dangerous websites are usually those stealing your personal data and spreading malware. With Real-Time Safe Browsing you will never access them.
  2. Real-Time Antivirus Scan is an optional feature that can scan your Mac for viruses in case you use Windows emulators or other stuff that poses a threat to your system security. We all know that viruses on a Mac are a rare phenomenon, so the antivirus scan is needed here only for extra security.
  3. Automatic security updates should be always enabled to receive timely updates of virus databases.

MacKeeper 2012

Anti-Theft is a kind of alarm system for your Mac. Once activated, it will constantly monitor your Mac’s location. If luck turns away from you and your Mac gets stolen, your timely actions together with Anti-Theft will help you bring the Mac back. You’ll have to log in to your web profile from another computer and hit the alarm button. Anti-Theft will start sending location reports of your Mac once it goes online, and will even make a photo of the criminal using iSight. Up-to-date location report along with the iSight snapshot will lead the thief straightly into the police’s hands! By the way, on MacKeeper’s website you can read several stories of happy Mac users who regained their stolen laptops thanks to MacKeeper.

mac Anti-Theft

Data Control Features

Now that you know how to protect your Mac against loss and theft, it’s time to find out how to protect data on your Mac from the same threats.

The best measure against accidental data loss is backup. Mac OS X already has a built-in backup solution called Time Machine, but unfortunately some of its functions are limited compared with MacKeeper’s Backup feature, namely:

  1. Time Machine can back up the whole hard drive only, while MacKeeper can back up individual files and folders.
  2. Time Machine can create backups only on a Mac, while MacKeeper can create backups on external storage devices.
  3. Time Machine cannot schedule backups for specific time intervals, while MacKeeper can!

To ensure maximum protection of your files we recommend using Time Machine together with MacKeeper’s Backup.

MacKeeper Backup

Failing to back up important data may lead to data loss, but still it’s not a big problem if you have MacKeeper’s Files Recovery. This tool can pull your lost files out of the depths of your Mac’s hard drive or a portable storage device even after the files have been trashed. Other benefits of Files Recovery are:

1.Support of many file formats including NTFS files.
2.Ability to preview file content before recovery.
3.Ability to pause the recovery scan and resume it later.

MacKeeper Files Recovery

The Data Control set includes another tool with the effect opposite to that of Files Recovery. If you don’t want your deleted files to be recovered – for example, when you remove some confidential data – use MacKeeper’s Shredder. It will completely delete your files so there is no trace left. The tool is quite easy to use – just drop the items you want to remove and click Shred.

MacKeeper Shredder

Finally, if you want no one else to access or steal your personal data – sure you do! – then use MacKeeper’s Data Encryptor. It will use two passwords – one to access the tool itself and another to access the encrypted items – for ultimate data protection. It will also hide filenames and employ complex encryption algorithms. But be careful enough not to lose your passwords, as then you will never be able to decrypt the files!

MacKeeper Data Encryptor

Cleaning Features

Useless and unneeded files waste your Mac’s disk space and slow down its performance. The solution is to detect and remove junk files. During hard drive cleanup it’s important not only to free up disk space but also to delete only those files that are safe to be removed. MacKeeper’s Fast Cleanup tool is able to do it quickly and efficiently. It unites four cleanup utilities, each of which does its own job: cuts parts of apps unneeded by your Mac’s architecture, removes useless interface languages, empties caches and logs.

MacKeeper Fast Cleanup

While Fast Cleanup removes only files created by the system, the Duplicates Finder tool is able to find and delete unneeded files created by humans. While working on a Mac you may unintentionally create file copies which you forget to remove. Duplicates Finder will do this removal job for you. But be careful with automatic selection of duplicates to be deleted – better select the copies manually, as only a human can define which of the files is original.

mackeeper Duplicates Finder

Your Mac’s disk space can also be wasted by apps you no longer use, or by components left from apps you removed earlier. App removal on a Mac is rather tricky, as when you simply throw an app to trash, only the core component is removed. MacKeeper’s Smart Uninstaller tool will help you completely remove apps with all of their components or delete components remaining from already removed apps.

MacKeeper Smart Uninstaller

Optimization Features

App updating routine can sometimes be very annoying and untimely, that’s why many Mac users prefer to leave their apps out of date, and it can negatively impact the apps’ performance. However, MacKeeper’s Update Tracker tool can deliver you from this routine by automatically downloading updates for all apps installed on your Mac, even the third-party ones. You can put your frequently used apps to the Favorite list and those you don’t want to update – to the Blacklist.

MacKeeper Update Tracker

Besides Update Tracker, the Optimization group contains two more features:

  1. Login Items which is the analog of Mac OS Login Items list.
  2. Default Apps which helps you assign file types to specific applications that will open them.

Login Items

Default Apps

Geek on Demand

Finally, MacKeeper’s got one more interesting feature that stands apart from other feature groups. It’s an online service called Geek on Demand. Just imagine – with this service you can ask an expert literally about everything related to computers and technology and get a detailed answer within a couple of days. Just submit your question at the Geek on Demand page and wait for the solution. By the way, conventional customer support is also available right from the application. Click the Live Support button in the lower right corner, and you will be able to connect with the support using the phone, live chat or email.

Geek on Demand.

Download Mackeeper From Official Site Here:


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