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Klix Review

Review Of Klix : Digital Photo Recovery for Mac and PC

In today’s digitally enriched world, a massive quantity of our lives is stored on small-format electronic flash memory. Digital camera media is available in several different configurations; some are available for different types of cameras, movie cams and smartphones while others are proprietary formats that only work with a particular manufacturer’s equipment.

I can remember when digital media was quite expensive. I had a 256 MB USB thumb drive that cost well over $80. Sticks in the 8-gigabyte or higher range can now be purchased for around $20. Camera media cards are also found with large capacities. The upshot is that hundreds and even thousands of photos can be stored on a single card. This also means that there are a lot more opportunities for these photos disappear from a variety of situations.

Digital photograph files might be deleted accidentally or intentionally. After files are downloaded to a computer or uploaded to a file sharing site, it is common practice for the user to delete the files from the media card, often by formatting the media. A file can be deleted by accident, appearing to be lost forever. This is troublesome if the file has sentimental, financial or other intrinsic value to the user.

Klix, a digital photo recovery program from Prosoft Engineering, is able to retrieve digital files in many of these instances. Using technology from Prosoft’s Data Rescue 3 recovery program, Klix scans digital media cards, searching for files that can be recovered. Versions are available for both Macs and PCs. This inexpensive recovery program is simple and intuitive to use; even so, Prosoft Klix offers free technical support via phone and email, along with a digital manual to guide the user. They also offer a free demo download so that the program can be evaluated before purchase.

I recently had a chance to put Klix to the test. I took a one-gigabyte compact flash media card, one that I had used previously and formatted several times, and took four photos with it. Attaching it to my computer through a card reader, I verified that the photos were there. I placed it back into the camera and formatted it twice. Installing the card back into the reader, I made sure that the photos had indeed been erased.

I started up the Klix program and it found the media card. I then had the program scan the card to see if it could find the four deleted photos. It did find them, along with about 660 additional photos from dates as far back as two and three years ago. Even though the card had a one-gigabyte capacity, the scan took only a few minutes.

Recovering the files was just as easy and almost as fast. I saved all of the recovered files to a fold on my computer. I could just as easily have saved only the files I wanted and left the rest untouched. Klix does not force you into an all or none scenario. Here are a few things to understand about the program:

  1. Klix only scans for and retrieves digital photos. It will not work with other formats, such as word processing documents or spreadsheets.
  2. Klix will only discover flash type media cards that are attached to your computer, such as media cards attached through an onboard or USB-attached card reader.
  3. It will not find external platter-style hard drives or the standard drive on your computer. Digital photo recovery on standard platter media will necessitate a different program, such as Data Rescue 3 for Mac or Data Rescue PC3 for Windows-based computers.

You might be wondering how Klix was able to recover photos taken over two years ago, even after the card had been formatted multiple times. Actually, a file is not actually deleted. The references that point to it are removed, keeping the computer from accessing the file. The header, information about the file itself, is removed as well. The space it occupies is marked as ready for writing. The file is never really gone until it has been overwritten by another file. When a computer saves a file, it looks for blank free space first. If no blank space is found, it will overwrite the marked spaces.

This allows you to salvage files that have been erased and is useful for several reasons:

  1. If files have been accidentally deleted from the card, you can recover them.
  2. Files that have been intentionally deleted can be restored if necessary.
  3. If downloaded files are lost on your computer, you have the option of retrieving at least some of them from the original location on the media card.

Klix scans the computer for the fragments of the file and works to reassemble them. It places a temporary header with the file so that it can be accessed. Files that have been corrupted, usually by partial overwriting, are marked as possibly being too damaged to reassemble fully. However, you still might be able to salvage some part of the photo.

If your digital camera has a USB cable hookup for your computer, you might be able to connect your camera directly and run a scan that way. However, this will not work if your camera is not compatible with the operating system. I have an old Canon Powershot A40 that is not compatible with the 64-bit version of Windows. Klix could not access the card in the camera for that reason. It did still access the card when placed into a card reader.

Because many smartphones save photo files to a flash media card, Klix allows you to find digital pictures that you may have lost on your phone’s camera. The bottom line is this: If you enjoy taking a lot of pictures, you really need to have this valuable tool at your disposal. Klix does one thing: recovers lost digital photos. Furthermore, it performs this function extremely well. Don’t lose another photo to the digital void. Get your personal copy of Klix digital photo recovery today for under $20.

Download Klix digital photo recovery From Prosoft Engineering Official Site Here:


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Download Klix digital photo recovery From Prosoft Engineering Official Site Here:


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