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Review Of Kernel for Calc Recovery

Kernel for Calc Recovery is a program designed to fix ODS files that are used with OpenOffice Calc. OpenOffice Calc is a spreadsheet program that is comparable to Microsoft’s Excel. As part of the OpenOffice suite of tools that are designed to use an international file standard and are capable of importing and exporting to a wide variety of formats. An OpenOffice Calc Recovery Tool like Kernel for Calc should be a part of your “toolkit” in case your data becomes corrupt and you have to take action to recover your work.

What Causes Data to Become Corrupt?

Any OpenOffice program can become corrupt because they have crashed, had files accidently deleted or there is an unresolved bug in the version being used. Kernel for Calc is a great program to have on hand to prevent any loss of data or significant downtime.

What Can Kernel Recovery for Calc do?

  1. Fix ODS files
  2. Recover ODS documents
  3. Repair ODS files in batches
  4. Repairs file errors and retrieve data from inaccessible documents

What makes Kernel Recovery for Calc the essential OpenOffice Calc Recovery tool to have is that it can retrieve data from inaccessible files. Most recovery programs require that you can open or simulate opening a file in order to retrieve data. With Kernel Recovery for Calc, the file error is repaired first, which allows the program to read the data in a document without having to reconstruct the document. It then records the data in a form that can be used to create a new document with identical information. Unlike closed spreadsheet programs, OpenOffice Calc allows for the use of Kernel Recovery for Calc as almost a plug-in to the program.

Download a Free Copy of Kernel Recovery for Calc

You can download a free copy of Kernel Recovery for Calc to help you evaluate the program. This is not a full featured version of the program and comes with various features changed or disabled to prevent you from using the program to its fullest extent without registering. The evaluation copy of Kernel Recovery for Calc will:

  1. Display the word text ‘Demo’ will be displayed in some of the cells of the repaired files.
  2. Only three images from each file will be displayed
  3. Every other numeric value will be converted to 0

With the Kernel Recovery for Calc program you will be able see exactly how well it works with recovering and repairing ODS file. However, the evaluation copy prevent you from using it as a full featured program because of the changes it will make to the data and numeric values in the document. To remove the features that change the data and to enable the full features of the program, you will have to register your copy of Kernel Recovery for Calc. Once it is registered, you will receive an electronic key that will unlock the free evaluation program you downloaded.

Watch the Kernel for Calc Recovery Review video – how it works

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