Junk 4 Energy Review

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Junk 4 Energy Review

Review of Junk 4 Energy: A Hybrid Approach to Get Paid for Harnessing Energy from Unwanted Materials People Throw Away.

The idea behind Junk 4 Energy is to simply harness electricity out of everyday junk people throw away while getting paid for the removal service performed. There are two unique subjects covered:

First of all, Junk 4 Energy has the intuitive feature that will show you how to put a few discarded materials together and generate useful power without the need for tools. Simplicity is strongly emphasized so that working Junk Cells can be made fast and efficiently.

The junk items required are mainly consisted of plastic cups/containers, cardboard, scrap metals and fluids (any water, or even waste fluids). As a result, by arranging and connecting them in the right fashion you can expect DC electricity being generated based on the difference of metals and how they interact with the other items and the fluid used in the setup. This type of electrical reaction is perhaps something most people may have never heard of and yet so simple.

The type of power output you want all depend on how many cells you want to add. If you prefer you may add a Joule Thief circuit (also included in the plan on what it is and how to make one) to increase much more energy output so you can minimize the need to increase the number of cells for a certain load.

Let’s say you want to energize a 3-volt light bulb and yet the basic setup of your junk cell (consisted of only one cell) can generate only 1 volt, common sense tells us that it is impossible to light up the 3-volt load with only a volt. Surprisingly, by incorporating the logic-defying Joule Thief your tiny junk cell can efficiently light up not just one, but multiple 3-volt bulbs while lasting even longer. Imagine using the JT on the dead batteries you find sitting inside the kitchen cabinet and they will be treated as the new energizers. The JT circuit is so small that you may fit it inside portable flash lights and other devices.

Secondly, The basic materials needed to generate energy with can be acquired for free if being harvested as junk from people and businesses who no longer need them.

If you want to generate power but do not have junk available in your home, one of your options maybe to establish yourself a part-time junk removal service while getting compensated fairly well. You will find out how to charge for your service and how to advertise online for free via social media and craigslist plus everything you need to know about being a professional junk hauler.

On top of getting paid handsomely for your service, the discarded items you collect can be identified for your homebased Energy Cells. Other rubbish that cannot be used for energy purposes can be recycled or sold to junk dealers for additional profits. With multiple revenue streams your cash flow is sure to flourish in this niche business.

The bonus feature in the plan is about fabricating the pro version of the Junk Cell, referred to as the DC based Energy Cell and is available as an incentive for those who order the plan right away. The Energy Cell can be manufactured as marketable retail-products or simply built for personal use. If you plan to mass produce the Energy Cells for commercial purposes, a business agreement needs to be made between both parties.

In a short conclusion, the whole program is written with the environment in mind. Being eco-friendly is what we all need to be part of. This hybrid program that makes up Junk 4 Energy takes green ideas to a whole new level.

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Visit Junk 4 Energy Official Site Here:


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