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There are countless fitness programs available today, but there is one which is breaking new ground when it comes to its approach to health and wellness. FitnessDIY is a comprehensive, no nonsense membership program that guarantees your success by incorporating the 3 main components of any successful and long-lasting health and wellness program: Fitness, Nutrition and Motivation.

The creator of the FitnessDIY Program, Dale Bateman, is an accomplished fitness trainer, nutrition specialist and motivational coach with over 10 years’ experience helping dozens of ordinary people achieve extraordinary results with his program.

The Fitness component of FitnessDIY is unique in that it utilizes a specialized form of workout, known as Dynamic Bodyweight Training. DBT uses a person’s own bodyweight as resistance, and focusses on “moving,” instead of simply going through the motions.

A lot of emphasis is also given to Nutrition with a more common sense approach towards food and eating “to live” not living “to eat.” Regular recipes and shopping tips are given to members to help them with their nutritional goals.

The motivation part of FitnessDIY comes into play when members are given the opportunity to mingle and interact with other members in the unique format of member forums that are designed to build a strong social support network that will be there when times get tough.

Another feature which is unique to the FitnessDIY Program itself is that it is a fixed-term membership program, something that is very rare in the area of online fitness programs. Typically, most programs are purchased up-front and all of the materials are given to the customer immediately. The FitnessDIY Program is delivered to its members weekly, in small lessons, for a term of 6 months. This helps the members succeed because they only have a “bite-sized” amount of information given to them at any time. They are given weekly “action steps” to follow, and are encouraged along the way by Dale and his weekly “challenges.”

The best reason to be a FitnessDIY member is the cost. Due to the fact that there is very little equipment needed to perform the Dynamic Bodyweight Training workouts, plus no formal gym membership (members are encouraged to workout in a small corner of their own homes) to be purchased, make FitnessDIY one of the most affordable online health and wellness programs available today. Plus, there is a full, 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the content of the program (and the amazing results you’ll see from it), your money will be refunded for the first 60 days, no questions asked.

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