Excel to PDF .Net Review

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Excel to PDF .Net Review

Excel spreadsheets still form the backbone of most databases but as other elements of how they are used evolve, companies need the ability to export XLS and other Excel files to and from .Net frameworks. Excel to PDF .Net is a standalone program with a lot of independent capabilities and that can access multi-platforms to give you the greatest flexibility with your data. It is easy to install, customizable and simple to use.


XLS is commonly converted to a PDF format for several reasons. While you can embed a spreadsheet in a Word document for printing purposes, it is hard to control the layout of the information. Converting it to PDF first makes it much easier to handle. Creating a PDF can also “lock” the information and prevent it from being changed. Many people forget that when you port a spreadsheet into a document the spreadsheet still remains open to edits.

This makes sure that nothing is purposefully or inadvertently changed when reports are created. One of the biggest bonuses of using Excel to PDF .Net is for XLS conversion comes when getting ready to post the information to an ASP.Net page. This program is designed to process compatible conversions that will not run into the same issues as exported formats from with Excel.

Platforms and Requirements

Surprising to many is that Excel to PDF .Net does not require a copy of Excel in order to work. It is a completely independent program that is created in C# and requires only a DLL call in the application you are creating. The DLL file it creates and requires is very small in size and call to resources as well so it will not interfere with processing time. This is surprising as Excel to PDF .Net allows you to make a lot of adjustments to the PDFs as they are created.

The program will work with any .Net platform 1.1 or higher. While it is designed for the Windows operating system you can use the resources available from the Mono Project to adapt the program to Linux and Mac. This is where just about the only complaints come in from users. This program is not natively designed to run on Linux or Mac but requires a third party resource to adapt it for those operating systems.

This requires work on the user’s part and also, it goes to follow that the software will not work as seamlessly as it does in the Windows environment. It does work, but not with the speed and efficiency Windows users rave about. It doesn’t help the Linux and Mac users to know that the program works well and without adaptation in the BSD and Solaris environments.

Security and Languages

Over 7 different programming languages are supported so there is little extra work involved in coding in a call to the service. Excel to PDF is compatible with 32 and 64 bit systems and supports security. It can work well under Medium Trust levels because the program has no dependencies.

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