DVDSmith Movie Backup freeware

DVDSmith Movie Backup

DVDSmith Movie Backup Freeware is completely free and simple-to-use DVD copier and movie backup software. It can easily remove all DVD protections and help users to duplicate the original DVDs as DVD folder and reserve on computer for playing on media players such as VLC media player, Windows media player, etc. The Windows and Mac version are available. DVDSmith Movie Backup Freeware also supports copying main movie and full disc in 1:1 ratio.

DVDSmith Movie Backup Freeware boasts the fast speed in DVD copying. First users will be attracted by its intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Besides, the size of DVDSmith Movie Backup Freeware is only 2.8 Bytes, so it only takes a few minutes to install the program and will not occupy memory. DVDSmith Movie Backup Freeware is also compatible with numerous system,such as Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7 and Mac OS. Besides, with advanced technology, DVDSmith Movie Backup Freeware has the ability to decrypt all kinds of DVD protections and allows users easily backup protected DVDs.

DVDSmith Movie backup Freeware provides the lossless DVD quality with incredible copying speed and all-in-one operation hotkey. Users can easily backup their DVDs and enjoy on their media players.

Key Features of DVDSmith Movie Backup Freeware:

  1. Totally free and occupy small memory of computer
  2. Intuitive user interface and smart operation button
  3. Compatible with numerous computer systems.

Copy protected DVD with the original high quality and fast speed

  1. Decrypt and remove all DVD copy protections
  2. Copy main movie or full disc of DVD on hard drive
  3. Freely enjoy DVD folder with different media players
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DVDSmith Movie Backup freeware, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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