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Drive Genius 3 Review

Review Of Drive Genius 3 – Manage, Maintain and Optimize Your Hard Drive

Maintaining your computer’s hard drive is an important, although oft neglected task, regardless of the type of computer you use. Hard drive maintenance can be time-consuming, difficult to accomplish properly and downright confusing. Even so, without proper maintenance, your Mac will slow down, start to fill up with unnecessary files and you’ll start seeing the beach ball more often. Knowing that maintenance can be a daunting procedure, I turned to Prosoft Engineering’s Drive Genius 3 to speed up my Mac and clear out the clutter. This program has a huge array of effective, yet simple to use tools to keep your machine in tiptop working shape.

You may have experienced the power of Drive Genius 3 and not known it. Drive Genius 3 is used at Apple’s Genius Bars as part of the ProCare Yearly TuneUp program. If you had your hard drive defragged at a Genius Bar, your machine was in the able care of Prosoft’s Drive Genius 3. Now it’s time for you to get the benefits of this award-winning software at home, keeping your drive in excellent working order all of the time.

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The Doctor in the House

Drive Pulse® is the programs diagnostician. The feature monitors your hard drive’s health daily, checking for errors, bad blocks and fragmentation whenever the drive is idle for 5 minutes or more. It assesses the integrity and of the catalog and directory structures once a day, a process that takes about two minutes.

Volume fragmentation is checked once a week, taking about 10 seconds to complete. The bad block scan is scheduled for once a week and will take about an hour. If the computer becomes active during the scan, it will pause, continuing the diagnostic scan when the machine is idle again. This monitoring will alert you about potential issues, allowing you to address them before trouble happens.

The Efficiency Expert

I needed to speed up my Mac, something that most everyone has wanted to do. I’ve been around computing long enough to know that drive fragmentation is a key culprit in system slowdowns. Not only will it cause slow performance, but could cause premature drive failure as well. Fragmentation occurs during file saving operations. The computer searches the drive for a place to put the file being saved. It starts with the first blank space it finds. If the file is too large for the space, the computer may split the file and place the remaining pieces elsewhere. When the file is accessed later, the drive must be searched to gather and reassemble all of the pieces. Additionally, fragmentation occurs when files or programs are deleted, leaving a gap in the information on the media.

The Mac OS already has a Mac defrag option. However, the Drive Genius 3 Mac defrag program is enhanced and does a better job. The defragger will show you how much of your system is fragmented, both overall and down to individual files. When the defragmentation is complete, all the files will be neatly ordered, with the blank space at the end. You will see a noticeable improvement in speed.

The Dietician

Do you know who the Mac OS was designed for? That’s right, it was designed for you. It was designed for you and the gal several states away from you. It was designed for you, the gal several states away and for that man in a foreign country that doesn’t even speak English. Because the OS was designed for multilingual support, there are language files that you will never use. DriveSlim™ removes the language support that you don’t need.

Additionally, you are going to find that you have duplicate files resident on your hard drive. DriveSlim™ finds the duplicates and allows you to delete them. Similarly, you may have some very large files on your drive that you no longer need. Audio and video files can be extremely large. These files often come as email attachments that, once read, are often forgotten and left to take up valuable space. You can find these files and delete the unnecessary ones.

The transition to Intel-based Macs meant that applications needed to support both the older PowerPC Macs and the new Intel Macs. This required additional coding, keeping Universal Binary support. If you are using a newer Mac, this extra coding is not necessary, so you can remove it using DriveSlim™. Don’t worry, however, if you find that you need the files you deleted in any of these slimming tasks. DriveSlim™ has a built-in backup system so that you can restore any needed files.

The Master Remodeler

Remodeling a house is difficult if you need to changes its room configurations. Reconfiguring your hard drive through repartitioning might seem almost as difficult when using traditional methods. Backing up, erasing and repartitioning were time consuming and labor intensive tasks. The enhanced repartition routine in Drive Genius 3 is easy to use and allows you to defragment and repartition your drive in just a few clicks of the mouse. You can create, delete and even hide partitions with ease. The feature also has the ability to shift a partition and reconstruct the partition maps.

Initialization and Cloning King

Most of the time you will buy a new hard drive that is preformatted for Mac. However, if it isn’t preformatted, Drive Genius 3 can set it up quickly and easily. The high level formatting feature will install the Apple driver, write a partition map and create the new volume, mounting it to the desktop.

Drive cloning is easy using the clone option on Drive Genius 3. Using a process called device copy, the cloning procedure is quicker and more efficient than most cloning operations in traditional backup software. Drive Genius supports both drive and volume duplication. Drive copy makes an identical copy of the drive. An identical duplicate of a volume is generated in volume copy operations; then Drive Genius 3 employs a proprietary resizing technology to increase the volume to the maximum size available.

There are many more features than described here, so you will want to click over to the Prosoft Engineering site to find out more about the benefits of Drive Genius 3 available for drive management.

Download Drive Genius 3 Free Demo From Official Site Here:


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Download Drive Genius 3 Free Demo From Official Site Here:


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