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Data Rescue PC3 Review

Product Review: Data Rescue PC3, DIY Data Recovery Software for Windows

It’s a fact that every computer user risks data loss; the loss of these files will have a varied impact, determined by the files use and importance. Many casual users rarely think about data loss because they don’t believe they have anything that important. However, digital photos of important family events and documents used for home finances will be sorely missed if they can’t be accessed.

The financial impact of lost data can be devastating for businesses. Many entrepreneurs – I am a freelance writer – have their entire businesses stored on their machines. For example, I operate my freelancing business from home, completing my writing, research and bookkeeping almost entirely on my Windows-based PC. In fact, I’ve come about as close to a paperless office as is possible. Without access to my data, I would be hurting quickly.

Understand that I’m not a newbie to the digital world. I’ve been freelancing for quite a while and have been around computers even longer. I have employed a robust backup routine for a long time. However, even the best backup plan can be tripped up by unexpected, unforeseen circumstances. That’s exactly what happened to me a short time ago. I was busy working away on several projects at one time, switching back and forth from one to the other. Suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, my hard drive crashed. The work I had been hammering away at all morning long disappeared into depths of the dreaded BSOD. Rebooting the computer didn’t help; the drive would spin but the OS would not load.

I knew that my previous day’s work was safely tucked away in a backup set. However, all the time spent that morning was for naught. Fortunately, I had downloaded an evaluation copy of Prosoft Engineering’s Windows data recovery software, Data Rescue PC3, for an article research project. It was time to give it a spin and see if it would really work as promised. The evaluation copy would tell me quickly if the product was worth buying. To make a long story short – I will be going into a little depth later – I bought it and was able to recover my files, saving a lot of time and money in the process.

Three Recovery Modes With Data Rescue PC3 Software

Recovery Modes

You’ve all heard of BOGO. Buy One Get One free is a very popular marketing concept, one that folks just love. With Data Rescue PC3, you get not two, but three different methods of data recovery. The product can be installed on the computer, run from the disk or used as an emergency boot disk if the computer won’t boot into the operating system. That last mode, the emergency boot disk, is the one that saved my bacon; therefore, I’ll start there.

The installation disk is also designed to boot the computer using a Linux system with a Gnome interface. Sounds complicated, but what it means is that it will work on virtually any Windows-based PC. Insert the disk into your CD or DVD tray; reboot the computer and the machines boots into the computer data recovery program. Run the recovery Wizard to select the files that you need recovered, let the software scan the drive and wait for the results.

If your computer is still operational, you can run this Windows-based data recovery software from the disk without installing it. This is an important feature because the very act of installation could overwrite the data, making it permanently inaccessible. This goes for any recovery software, not just Data Rescue PC3. Prosoft Engineering has been developing data recovery software for a long time and promotes the concept that recovery should always be done before repair to ensure success. Ideally, you should install recovery software before loss occurs as a preventive measure. However, Data Rescue PC3 has you covered if loss occurs first.

Success Indicator and Recovery Safety

Unfortunately, some files may not be recoverable. Data Rescue PC3 includes a visual success indicator for each file after the scan is complete. This indicator informs you of which files can be recovered, which files might be recovered and those that probably cannot be retrieved. This is particularly important if you are running the evaluation mode as it will tell you if buying the software will be worth it.

To ensure recovery success and data safety, the files cannot be recovered to the same hard drive. Recovered files that are saved that way could potentially overwrite other lost data, eliminating the chance for their successful recovery. Therefore, Data Rescue PC3 requires that the retrieved files be saved to other media, such as a secondary drive, external drive, flash media or optical disks. Once they are safely stored off the main drive, repair or replacement of the main drive can commence. I had to replace my drive; therefore, it was just a matter of dragging the retrieved files back to the new one.

Designed for Nerds and Newbies

Data Rescue PC3 is an extremely powerful computer data recovery program. Even so, anyone can use it, from the novice to the professional. The casual, non-technical user will be able to recover files successfully with the recovery Wizards. The computer aficionado might enjoy using the more advanced features and tweak the program’s scan to suit their needs. No matter what the level of user competence, Prosoft offers free, professional technical support via phone or email. They offer FAQs and a downloadable manual to guide the user through the recovery process as well.

This Windows-based data recovery software carries a $99 price tag. Even so, it is well worth the investment and, of course, can be used over and over. The time and money it saved me far outweighed the price of admission.

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Do not trust a Data Rescue PC3 torrent, free download, rapidshare, filesonic, mediafire, megaupload, serial crack file or keygen and etc. Data Rescue PC3 Free serial keys and keygens may include trojan and virus, they can harmly damage your computer and always waste of time. We hope you enjoy your Data Rescue PC3 after downloading it safely.

Download Data Rescue PC3 From Official Site Here:


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