Data Backup 3 for Mac Review

Data Backup 3 for Mac Review

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Review On Data Backup 3 for Mac – Easy, Powerful and Flexible Backup

Files, such as photos, emails, word processing documents and music, are always susceptible to data loss. No matter how robust a computer is or how stable an operating system has been designed, the possibility of missing or inaccessible files is always looming in the background. When that happens, and believe me when I tell you that it will happen, you will need to have some good, reliable data recovery software to retrieve them. Even then there is the possibility that some files will never be retrieved. If your computer is lost or stolen, those files are gone forever.

I don’t want to sound all doom and gloom; however, I’ve got to make the danger of data loss real to you. How many files do you want to lose, home user? How many files can you afford to lose, business owner? Of course, no one wants to lose any files. Even so, it does happen and many files will never be retrieved. Fortunately, there is a simple computer maintenance task that can alleviate much of the problem: a data backup routine. If a computer user will be conscientious about backing up their files, their files will remain accessible, even in the event of a total computer failure or loss.

The Apple® backup product, Time Machine®, is a good example of a basic file protection product. However, there are some limitations to the backup routine that savvier computer users may find they want or need. These limitations are addressed and solved in Prosoft Engineering’s Data Backup 3 for Mac. Once again, the wizards at Prosoft have developed an effective product that is suitable for both the novice and the computer guru. Data Backup 3 works on Mac OS X 10.3.9 through 10.7; however, it is not compatible with MobileMe or iDisk.

To begin with, I tried out the basic backup features in Data Backup 3. I’ve been around computers of all kinds for decades; however, I approached this software as if I were using a computer for the first time. Opening the software, I checked out the backup options. There were several preset routines that merely needed to be activated to use. My favorite was “Fast Start” because it seemed to select my files intuitively. My iTunes® were preselected as well as my iPhoto® files. There are several presets that easily and intuitively select the files that would be most important to most users.

After putting on my geek hat back on I delved further into the program and was pleasantly surprised at the many options available to a born tinkerer. Not only was I able to tweak the backup file set, but the backup location as well. Data Backup 3 will save the backup to an impressive array of locations. CDs and DVDs can be used. Additionally, saving to mounted internal or external drives is simple. The connection to the drive can be USB, FireWire, ATA or network. If using the CD or DVD option, the program will automatically span large backups to multiple disks.

Data Backup 3 is also capable of file and folder synchronization. This is an important feature for me because I use more than one computer in my business. I like to keep identical sets of file at the ready, so synchronization is a big plus for me.

Another amazing feature of the software is the ability to create a bootable clone of my main drive to either internal or external hard drives. There are some requirements and steps to follow to do this; however, there is excellent documentation for this and you can always rely on Prosoft’s legendary support for assistance. There is no preset configuration for the cloning feature. Even so, the directions are easy to follow and implement.

There are a few other options and features I’d like to mention before getting to the bottom line. The backup schedule is fully customizable. You can set the time whenever you want and have the computer wake up for the routine. You can also set the feature so that it will only attempt to run if your backup location is connected. File compression and password protection are available options. You can also time travel back to a particular time that a backup ran to see what files and directories were backed up.

Bottom line time is here and I know you want to know how much all this power and efficiency will set you back. Surprisingly, Data Backup 3 for Mac is priced at less than $60. I don’t know about you, but I have single files on my computer that would cost me as much as two to three times that much in lost revenue should they go missing. Not only that, there are some personal files that can never be replaced and the emotional impact would be devastating if they were lost.

Here’s the deal. Prosoft offers a 30-day demo version to help you decide if Data Backup 3 is right for you. You might want to check out the online html-based user guide or download the PDF version to get more familiar with the program. Prosoft’s expert support team is ready to answer your questions via telephone or email as well. Whatever you do, protect your valuable data. Prosoft’s Data Backup 3 for Mac is my choice and I highly recommend it for your computer, too.

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