Contract Your Own Home Review (sold out)

Contract Your Own Home Review

Review Of Contract Your Own Home

The writer of Contract Your Own Home has been involved in building and construction in one form or another since his early teen years. He built his own home at age 23 and since then has not looked back.

Contract Your Own Home was written for people just like me. I didn’t need to know the specific detail about framing, plumbing, etc. I just needed to know how I could be my own contractor and have others build the house for me. What’s included is the most important aspects of building your own home. Keep in mind that you can do your home work before you tackle the assignment of contracting or building your own home by simply being more informed. I found that this information gave me power. Knowledge is power it has been said and with the knowledge that is shared in this book you will have the power to design, create and build the home of your choice.

I found a complete guide which brought years of hands on experience to my fingertips, as I explored the possibilities of building my first home. You will get to enjoy the labor of your own handy work as you fill in and do those simple things you know how to do. You can explore the possibilities of learning something new without breaking your budget. You can pick colors and pattern schemes which define who you really are. This is your home and you get to decide when you start and this book “Contract Your Own Home” tells you where to start. This awesome book reveals those little things which mean so much and can cost so much if you are not aware of what to look for. This book helped with scheduling and contracts.

It defined for me the tiny word, “budget” and why it is not only important to have one but actually “critical” that you follow it as you build your very own home. It encouraged me to design my own place using those creative juices to turn your home idea into your palace. You can do this. I know you can because I did.

This book “Contract Your Own Home” will fast forward your life 30 years as you get an up-to-date guide that is included in Contracting Your Own Home. You will not make the same mistakes that the writer made when he was younger. There were no guides back then, but there is today. It’s all here for you. You owe it to yourself to be as informed as you can be. Contract Your Own Home will level the field of information for you and allow you to make good sound financial decisions that some others have taken a life-time to learn.

Not only can you say “I built this house myself”, but you also have the financial reward of saving money on contractors and sub-trades. The end result is you will have a home valued at a price greater than what it cost you to build. This is your reward for a job well done which will begin with the right tools.

Contract Your Own Home is one of my smallest investments with the greatest return. You can make good choices and you don’t have to learn by trial and error.

This is what I have learned from reading this book “Contract Your Own Home”. A smart man counts the cost before he builds his house…but he still builds…he just knows what he did not know before….

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