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Content Lock Pro Review

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My name is Jeff Miller and I’ve been an affiliate marketer for 6 years. One of my main streams of income is from CPA and in particular, content locking. I purchased Content Lock Pro around 3 days ago. Previously, I had been using BlamAds.

For those of you who haven’t used Content Lock Pro, it’s a self-hosted locker and gives you the ability to run offers from any number of networks. This is great as it means you have more control over your campaigns. If you go with a network hosted locker, you are stuck with their offers and they can see all of your traffic and STEAL your campaigns. This happened to be before and I went from earning $1000 a day to just $20 a day. So this product really was what I needed.

The product was very easy to setup. It took me around 20 minutes to have it fully installed on my server and another 10 minutes to configure a new locker. I had a few issues setting up postback (turned out I didn’t read the manual properly!) but support were awesome and sorted my issue within 2 hours. Pretty good for a product that is such good value!

Anyway, most people are sceptical until they see some screenshots. This is a campaign I had been running on BlamAds, earning around $50 a day with an EPC of $0.15. I switched to Content Lock Pro and used an email submit from one of my regular networks.

And here are the results:

Content Lock Pro results

I was very happy with that! I had quadrupled my revenue in a day. It’s amazing what some testing can do!

So in summary:

What I like

-Easy to setup and configure
-Great support
-Very easy to customise
-The private forum
-More money!

What I don’t like
-The price. I think it should be $197

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