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YouTube has been ridiculously successful in allowing users to share videos with everyone all over the world. ClipShare is out to allow any website to share video just as easily and to develop a community that can share videos through their own platform. By hosting video rather than just building clips on other sites you can generate the ad revenue and you control the type of content you allow. This type of hosting opens up your website to more traffic and greater visibility.

Attracting Viewers

Video is rated differently via search engines on the web. This means by hosting various video types via ClipShare your website will appear more often and higher up the list than other similar sites. This gives you an edge when it comes to attracting new customers and building a relationship with your potential clients. You can offer all types of videos that might be appealing to your target audience.

Types of Video

You can provide your own video clips, things that are instructional or provide information to your clients. You can also allow others to host their video on your site via ClipShare. This expands your visibility and gives your clients more of a stake in your site. It is likely they will further share their videos with friends via social networks and email, which then expands your outreach. It can e a great tool for expanding your clientele and your visibility.

Why Use ClipShare

With the expanse of online video, there are people out there looking for other outlets for their creations. People want a place that is more specific to their needs rather than the broad brands like YouTube and Google. ClipShare gives you control easily and you can host the video on your server in an easy to use format. Developing the code on your own would take much longer than using a system that is already working and offers a full IT department for any trouble you may have.

ClipShare changes the look of your website. It makes it makes it more well-rounded. You can constantly update and alter the overall look. Video is the fastest way to catch the attention of web browsers and it is much more dynamic than just words on the page. You tend to draw in people when you offer more than just informational articles, the chances of your video going viral are much more probable than a wordy web page reaching a mass audience.

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ClipShare PRO Review - Start A Youtube Clone Site, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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