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Chord Progressions

Developer: Chord Progressions offers a ebook product called 300 Chord Progressions. Basically, when you write a song it contains chord progressions – for example: C, F, G. Those 3 chords make up 1 chord progression. The product we offer is 300 Chord Progressions in one handy ebook! The ebook shows each chord progression in notation, chord names and has an audio button which plays the progression in a straight, standard format.

Also, we have written a ‘how to write a song‘ guide to show you how to use these progressions in your own songs. This crucial guide shows you how to take one of the standard chord progressions and really make it your own. The song we have written only uses TWO of the available progressions. It’s a straight-forward guide that explains how to break the straight chord progression down and fit it together with other progressions. There are audio demos along the way showing you where you’re up to. The audio demos start from a straight chord progression right through to a whole song.

You can take any of the 300 chord progressions and fit it with another progression – it’s as easy as that! All the progressions are written in C major but the product comes with an easy to use transposition sheet to enable you to put the progressions into any key! There are many tips next to various progressions as you go through the ebook. So, if you’re just starting out as a songwriter or even if you’re a seasoned songwriter, this product can certainly help you to write songs, get you out of writer’s block or just help with a new chord progression. There is also a forum you can join to discuss any song writing problems or ideas you have etc. You won’t regret buying this ebook! Get it now!!

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