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Remember back when you were in high school and one of the foreign languages everyone had to take was French? Chances are that is about all you remember of the French language and that is not really surprising. That is because they don’t have enough time to devote to teaching much more than some popular words, phrases and numbers.

That is hardly enough to get you by if you wanted to travel to Paris on a vacation or even impress your friends when eating out at an authentic French restaurant. In these cases you need to learn what is called conversational French and for that you would need to find a much more advanced foreign language course.

You could search all over the Internet and take your chances on what you might find or you can check out a company called Audible Languages. They created a comprehensive French language program called Audible French.

What if I told you that you could learn conversational French in as little as seven days? That is exactly how this program was designed. Audible French is a complete training course that is designed to have you work better rather than harder like so many other programs on the market.

For a single payment you will have lifetime access to the website and the Audible French courses. The system is divided up into five separate sections:

Section #1 – How to Learn French: This section is filled with 33 techniques on how to get the most bang for your buck with Audible French.

Section #2 – French Words: This section features 280 French words that are most commonly used. They are presented in both French and English.

Section #3 – French Phrases: In this section you will find over 528 French phrases and axioms that are most commonly used and presented in an audio format, but it also includes a transcript with both English and French.

Section #4 – French Conversations: This section includes 10 conversational plays spoken with a distinctive French accent. This is something that most foreign language courses fail to cover.

Section #5 – Motivation: This section is very important as it helps you to stick with the courses throughout the whole week.

As a member of the site you will have full access to all of the course material and some bonuses like a special course called “27 Things to avoid while learning French

They will also be adding a new feature coming very soon called “Slow Sound”. This new addition will present certain words and phrases in a slower fashion at a syllable level. This will make it even easier to learn some of the nuances of the language much faster.

To ensure that you are completely satisfied with the Audible French courses they offer a 60-day fully refundable warranty.

If this review has piqued your interest you owe it to yourself to see what it is all about. You can even try it out for three days completely free and if don’t think it is right for you then you can cancel your membership.

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