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PhotoStudio 6

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Review of PhotoStudio 6: an Easy but Powerful Image Editor

Not everyone is good at processing images with Photoshop, so am I. For beginners, Photoshop is a little hard to manipulate and it is quite expensive. As to me, there is no need to purchase such high-price software before going bankrupt. A cheap application with rich function is appreciated. Therefore, I choose ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6 to enhance my photos, which is much easy to operate.

PhotoStudio 6 is powerful photo editing software, possessing rich advanced tools to help you manage and enhance your digital photos easily and professionally. It can import and edit a large number of regular image formats and RAW image format.

Screenshot of PhotoStudio 6

Screenshot of PhotoStudio 6

First, PhotoStudio 6 provides many advanced photo editing tools at your fingertips, helping you easily enhance photos. With those smart editing tools, you can extract an image from its background or apply Face-Beautify tools to highlight your look. Besides, it is possible to process multiple photos when applying the pre-recorded effects.

Second, based on the improvement of colors and clarity, High Dynamic Range enables you to combine the same three images with different exposure levels into one vibrant image. At the same time, you can use additional tools to manually enhance your photos. For example, adjust the white balance will help you remove improper color casting on your photo.

Third, PhotoStudio 6 offers plentiful fabulous effects to make photos splendid with creativity. Regular editing tools like distort, emboss and blur provide an easy way to edit your photos while special effects such as 3D grid, magic mirror, old photo and more help to live up your photos. You can preview each addition in the Effect Browser.

Last but not least, PhotoStudio 6 simplifies the interface to easily manage and browse your files. You can quickly find the needed file with the tags and ratings functions. To make your photos more distinctive, the professional print module provides customized templates to optimize your photos. And you can choose to print photos in different sizes on one or many pages.

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