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Application as Service – a versatile utility for launching any application as a Windows service.

Application as Service is a versatile solution that allows running various applications as Windows services. As a result it lets you benefit from all the features offered for standard Windows services.

To introduce you to this solution we’d like to describe a situation that will be easily solved with the help of Application as Service. For instance some application is responsible for an important data processing or saving on the computer and because of some error the application quits. You are not there to restart the application at the moment and important work just stalls. This problem can be solved easily with Application as Service by setting the computer’s response upon the service failure, which includes automatic restart of computer or service, specific program launch, scheduling, etc.

Application as Service allows running any application as service at system boot without starting a user session. You can easily create, view, edit, and manage the services on local and remote machines. There is no need to install Application as Service on remote computers to manage services you created on them.

Application can be run either visible to users of the computers or silently. Both interactive and silent services can be launched under user accounts. You can choose user session (including RDP) to start the service in. Application as Service allows easy scheduling of the services launch.

The services can be created via user interface of the program, command line or XML configuration file.

Application as Service is on the market for a long time already and it proved to be quite easy-to-use utility with a friendly interface. There is no need to be a professional developer to launch any application as service if you have Application as Service at hand.

Application as Service is compatible with: Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, 7 and Server 2008.

Full features list:

  1. Connect to remote computer over local network or web to manage services remotely.
  2. Launch application as service before logon and network initialization.
  3. Schedule the services launch at exact time at specified periods of time.
  4. Automatic restart of the crashed application.
  5. Run applications as services at specified order.
  6. Specify the user account the service will run under.
  7. Customize the service start-up type on the fly.
  8. Console and Windows application are closed gracefully.
  9. Prioritize the applications (Real time/High/Above normal/Normal/Below normal/Low).
  10. Redirect STDIN, STDOUT and STDERROR streams to or from the file for console application.
  11. Virtual machines are supported.
  12. Use XML configuration file for the service creation.

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